Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 10: Magic Kingdom - Part 4 - Video

After Meeting Tinkerbell we headed over to the Peter Pan Ride
Holly was scared and did not want to go on, but I encouraged her strongly
She was super nervous and resistant, I think mostly because it was dark
But she had her Blankie and her head phones on
She was actually excited about the fact that we were riding the Jolly Rodger and it was flying
and once we got going, she had a wonderful time.
She was so excited to see everything down below, The mermaids, Wendy and the Pirates
It was actually a really cool ride, we were going a little fast so there was a breeze, but not scary
She had a lot of fun and even wanted to do it again.  But it was getting late and she wanted to meet princesses again more
So we headed over to the Princess Meet and Greet
This time not only did we have our signature book
But Mommy was ready to take video's of Holly meeting everyone

Holly Meets Cinderella

She was so much less shy this time and there was no line at all
So we had lots of time to talk to each princess, here Holly and Cinderella are doing a twirl
It was so cute seeing her dancing with one of her favorite princesses
And of course before moving on to our next friend we had to get a big hug
Holly was a happy camper
A little curtsy and then we said goodbye to Cinderella
The next princess we saw was Aurora
Holly loves her pink dress.  But we actually have never watched Sleeping Beauty all the way through
As one of the earliest Disney Princess Movies, she got bored about half way through
But it has been a while since I have tried so I should again
Then Aurora taught Holly how to do a fancy Slow Princess twirl
First you have to hold your skirt up just right
and then you begin to slowly turn one leg over another
It was so cute seeing them dance together
Holly Meets Aurora

Last but not least was princess Rapunzel
I find it odd that the kids never wonder about her having long hair when they meet her
Since it gets cut at the end of the movie, but perhaps she isn't old enough to be that logical yet
It's Disney magic of course, silly Mommy - what a thing to wonder

Holly Meets Rapunzel

She did ask where Pascal was, so I added him here for her ;-)
And of course isn't this just the bestest hug ever!
I think Rapunzel today was one of the friendliest princesses
And I think Holly likes them because they talk to her
Afterwards when walking around in the shops we saw Cinderella's dress
The ones that the Mice made for her, Holly was super excited about that
and it was one of a few things she actually told me, Mommy take a picture
Here is the Sewing room and the design for the dress
In continuing to look at the shops this was a Cinderella's Castle in Crystal, and it cost 38,000$
I think this Carriage was about 16,000$ Holly of course thought they were beautiful
This was a cool Tinkerbell that I liked, with the Retro paint job
This were these beautiful three dimensional pictures, like diorama's
They were very cool and Holly wanted to look at every one
Out side there was a show going on, it was a big crowded but Holly saw the princesses
So she decided she wanted to stop for a few minutes and watch
But she couldn't see from her level and wanted Mommy to carry her
And there was no way that was going to happen, so she hopped up onto my shoulders
The current scene was with Wendy and Peter pan, and Captain Hook
The Mickey and friends Character's were interspersed in the show, it was dreams and nightmares
So out came Donald Duck to say oh no wait a minute
and change up the story to a new scene
But Captain Hook was determined to be a villain and had a sword fight with Pan
Then maleficent showed up
She is the Evil witch from Sleeping Beauty
She came from a Burst of smoke and flames and that was just a little too much for Holly
She was ready to head home.  It had been a long day and was already almost 7PM
So we slowly made our way towards the front of the park.  We still had to process our photo pass
and do a little bit of last minute shopping of course so by the time we made it out it was getting dark
But we had an amazing second day at Magic Kingdom
and a wonderful trip to Walt Disney World, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime.
My parent's are always telling me how I don;t remember things from childhood, but Holly talks about this trip all the time
She is always telling stories about who she met and the rides we went on.  I think having so many pictures helps
Because she can look at them and remember.  We rode the Ferry back tot he parking area and waved bye bye to Cinderella's Castle
It was a beautiful View and a great day.  Thank you Oma for taking us to Disney World!

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