Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 3: Magic Kingdom - Part 4 - Video

We got off the last ride just in time for Fireworks
Holly was not sure at first if she wanted to stay But then we saw Tinkerbell fly from Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom to start the Fireworks show!
We had a really nice view and we were not right in the center of the crowd but near the back of the park
It was loud but not too loud with head phones and Holly was sitting in her cozy stroller all tucked in with blankie

Fireworks-It's Iradessa!  Not much to look at but if you listen you hear the excited voice of a child watching magic!

My mom was more interested in Video's for the Fireworks themselves, here is one she took:
Here is another Firework Video from my Mom:
One of the things so beautiful was the way the castle looks with the varied colored lights
Well it was late and technically time to go home, but we were behind thousands of people
And I noticed that the Enchanted Belle story which all day had a wait of 1-2 hours
Only had a wait of 15 minutes.  So instead of standing in the crowd we asked Holly is she wanted to go
We had no idea what to expect, but headed back to Fantasyland and into the "show"
It was nice to have a short line, so we had a few minutes to wander through Maurice's workshop while waiting
I didn't know what to expect, but hoped it was worth it, it was something we couldn't use our Guest Assistance Pass for
So having only a 20 minute wait made it worth it.  
Magic Kingdom had extended hours on this day and it was already around 9:30
Everyone gathered together into a waiting room where the Dresser told us it was Belle's Birthday
We would be doing a surprise show for her, reenacting the time when she met the beast, and all the kids would help.
Holly Volunteered to be Chip the Tea Cup
We all walked through a Magic Mirror and transported to her castle to get ready for the show.
Introduction to Enchanted Belle The story starts with the Wardrobe and then we enter the enchanted world of Beauty and the Beast
Lumiere Introduced and Narrated the story, All the parents would be seated on benches and the kids on "Stage"
Holly was near by getting ready for her part, there was a quick rehearsal
Here is one video of the show.  Belle Gets a Surprise when she joins the scene of the story, and has a grand surprise from all the children.

This is a short video showing Holly's part of the story where chip hops into the scene and then as the children parade around the room.

Holly was so proud of her performance and so were we.
She did a really good job.  Here is a longer video of the whole show from my Mom:
Mommy was sitting in the front row of course near by, but she did it all herself
She had a giant grin on her face the whole time
And she was so giggly.  You could tell she was a little shy and a bit star struck
But she had Chip as a safety object which I think gave her lots of courage
At the end of the performances each child got to meet Belle and take a picture with her
We all also got neat signed bookmarks as gifts from Belle
Because of course reading is her favorite thing to do.
At the end of the night while there were still a lot of people around the crowds were gone
They also opened Cinderella's Castle which Holly wanted to walk through and had been closed during most of the day
Inside was beautiful, it was decorated with the most amazing mosaic
Telling the story of Cinderella.  Holly was tired but also wide awake
So she sat comfy in her stroller and I pushed her up to the walls so she could see the pretty pictures
She especially loved the gold stones
And this one here had the evil step sisters
The evening was cool, but we were all very tires it was probably already 10:30
and we had arrived at the park that morning at 10:00 so we had spent 12 hours
These are some of the store windows we saw on the way out, Holly noticed them and wanted to take a closer look
We were taking our time simply because we were at the back of the park and it was a very long walk
I was sure Holly would simply fall asleep in the stroller but she wanted to look at everything and not miss a thing
Next there was the Monorail ride back to the parking lot
And one last picture before we left for the day

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