Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 10: Magic Kingdom - Part 3 - Video

Next on our slate of activities was heading to Tinker's Nook
There was a bit of a wait to get in and see the Fairies but they were showing cool video's while we waited
Inside Tinker's Nook was Beautiful

Holly Enters Tinker's Nook - Holly slowly enters the Nook in anticipation of meeting Tinkerbell

The details with the giant branches and Lost things like beads was amazing
Holly was so super excited to meet Tinkerbell
Even Oma was excited since Tinkerbell is her favorite
Holly was so Star Struck at first but then she wanted to chat with Tinkerbell
and she told her all about how she met her best friend Peter Pan

Holly meets Tinkerbell

Then of course it was time to give her a big hug
and pose for the best pictures ever
Doesn't her hair look just like Tinkerbell's
So super adorable, and then of course it was Mommy's turn
and last but not least Oma joined in too
Right next door was Tinkerbell's sister
She is brand new and everyone just discovered that Tinkerbell had a sister
She is a Winter Fairy and we had never met her before
I think Holly was even more excited about meeting Periwinkle
Because she was so special and a rare fairy

Holly meets Periwinkle

It was so much fun and Holly was really cool
She told Periwinkle how she had just met her sister
I think she was a little more nervous with Periwinkle too
Since she is such a new Character and she had never met her before
She called Mommy over to join in on the pictures
and of course Oma too
I think she had hoped some more of Tinker's friends might be around,
But at least we did get to meet the two sisters which was fun
as we were leaving the Tinkerbell area we headed into the end of the Parade
Here was Prince Charming and Cinderella in her Carriage
And then even more princesses, Aurora with Prince Phillip
And Beauty with her Beast
Here is Tiana and prince Naveen
Holly really enjoyed getting to see the princesses with their princes
We weren't that close because there was a huge crowd
But it was close enough to see everyone on there beautiful Floats
Next we caught a really cool show, Mickey's Symphony.  Int he Show Donald Duck gets a hold of Mickey's magic wand and gets pulled into a vortex of Disney Movie Scenes
Like Jasmine on the Carpet ride and Ariel in her Grotto, There was singing and the movie was in 3D.  It was awesome, and Holly;s first 3D experience.  She actually reached out in front of herself to "grab" some of Ariel's jewels.
After that we found something to eat and ended up at the same place as last week
We had been searching for somewhere all afternoon but had found only Mexican or fish
This was a cool thing they did, where in the restaurant it overlooks the line to it's a Small World
So we were able to hold up these signs with phrases like Do the Chicken Dance, Quack Like Donald Duck
And we would hold them up in the window for the people below
The people would see our signs and wave and some would follow the silly directions
It was a lot of fun and very entertaining to watch as we ate our lunch above
After our lunch Holly insisted we go into "It's a Small World"
I was super hesitant and wasn't sure if I wanted to let her
Last time at Disneyland she cried the entire ride long
she hated it, and it is like 13 minutes
But she insisted she would be brave and wanted to go
She had her headphone on and was holding her blankie
We had her water and we were in the boat ready to go
and she did great!  I pointed out all the different lands from around the world
Referencing back to both friends and Epcot Center as we discovered new places
and this time she wasn't too overwhelmed.  She was still hugging me close and had her comfort items
But overall I was super Happy and so very proud of her
I also think that this has to be an Updated newer version of It's a Small World
The animatronics just looked newer, more Modern
I think the one's in Disneyland must have been 1960's originals
and a little more scary, I also think the rooms were more open in the version
I think the openness helps a lot to damper the loudness of the music
These were some cute little Hula Dancers
and even though they are probably here to represent the Polynesian islands
It reminded Holly of Hawaii
I was so Happy to be able to enjoy the ride, once I knew Holly was enjoying it
and I was glad that I followed her lead and let her give it a try
She was doing amazing in general on this day trying out lots of new things
At the end she loved hearing all of the ways to say good bye in the different languages
and she even started telling me the ways she new in different languages like Spanish
and so for the one way that was not listed I say Auf Wiedersehen and Good Night

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