Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 5: Epcot (I mean Ep-Pickle) - Part 1 - Video

Here we are driving into Epcot.  
For some reason, and I don't know how or why Holly decided it was called Ep-Pickle
Every time I would say Epcot, she would say, "oh do you mean Ep-Pickle?"
It was pretty cute.  We were super excited because today we were having lunch with Princesses.
At first I thought we might have trouble filling a whole day of Epcot into our schedule
But it turned out to be one of the funnest parks
Since we had some time for lunch we headed straight into Spaceship Earth
Since Holly did so well at Magic Kingdom I didn't prepare her as well and she was a little scared
In the first section its dark and you go backwards through stars, but later she liked it seeing all the scenes

Welcome to the Future - After the ride through the Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center, you get to see a cute little video of the future, here is me and Holly in our video.

Inside afterwards she enjoyed playing the games, Here we are using special power to energize a city
Afterwards we got to meet some characters
She was really excited about daisy and the wait was really short
She is a fan of Mickey Mouse Club House so she had lots of questions
But Daisy didn't talk, so she kept asking me why.  But she liked her pink shirt
Right near by was Goofy, who she also likes a lot
Because well, he is goofy and Holly has a very silly personality
After a Day at magic Kingdom Holly learned that Oma doesn't like pictures
But we made sure to drag her into them all so we could remember her there with us
It was now time to head into International row
My mom was excited about teaching Holly about all of the different countries.
The first one was Mexico and here we met Donald
Holly told me that her friend Citlali is from Mexico, and that became our routine for the day
Talking about who we know from the various countries we would see,
Also something I didn't know before arriving was that every country had a different character
So we would be meeting a lot of princesses and characters all day, that was super exciting
This is Norway and where we would be having our princess lunch
Before heading inside we rode the maelstrom which is a Viking Boat ride.  it too was a little scary
There was thunder and lightning, but we survived the high seas.
Inside the restaurant we got to take pictures first off with Belle
They gave us a beautiful 8X10 print out before we left as a keepsake which is nice
Since we had done the Enchanted Belle story two nights before
Holly decided to ask Belle how she liked her surprise party
and of course Belle told her she loved it.
We made sure to get a shot with Oma and Mommy since we didn't get pictures with Belle during her party
On our way to the table we got to wave at some princesses coming by, a preview
Holly was excited to see her Favorite Snow White for the first and only time this Trip
Before Lunch started Aurora came by and gathered all the children for a parade

Princess Parade at Lunch - As we enter Norway to Join the princesses for lunch we parade through the restaurant before we sit and eat.  One little princess looses her Mommy, but I help.

After the parade we begin lunch, there are cold appetizers at a buffet that we gather.
The food was very hardy, more traditional style Norwegian faire. I had a yummy open faced turkey Sandwich and my mom had something Roast Beef
Holly is super excited to get to talk to Aurora after following her in the parade
she has her sign her book, picking out the perfect page for her
Then she wants to show off her dress, because of course they match.

Holly Meets Aurora at Lunch - During our Lunch in Norway Holly meets Aurora

After meeting some princesses briefly at Magic Kingdom Holly is a little more comfortable with them
She is more chatty, though still very star struck.
Holly hardly had time for a bite to eat when Next comes along Snow White
She shows Holly how to properly hold her skirt and curtsy
Holly tells her she is her favorite princess
and then has Mommy join in for a photo too
It was actually quite challenging to meet everyone while also trying to eat

Holly Meets Snow White at Lunch - During our Lunch in Norway Holly meets Snow White

Next is Cinderella, who finds Holly's signature book right off
Holly gets up so she can pose with her and show her what she learned from Snow White
But Cinderella, a true princess knows just how to curtsy with a Ball gown too
Holly tells her how much she likes her Blue dress
And asks her where her mice friends are

Holly Meets Cinderella at Lunch - During our Lunch in Norway Holly meets Cinderella

Last is Ariel, Holly is excited because it is Ariel as a Human
She asks her about her Pink Dress which is what she wears in the Movie
And asks her if she remembers seeing her yesterday with her tale
And wants to know where her tale is.  It is all very cute.

Holly Meets Ariel at Lunch - During our Lunch in Norway Holly meets Ariel

We had a great lunch and a fabulous time meeting 5 princesses all at once.

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Granny said...

What a magical day! Snow White was MY favorite too! Of course back in my day there were fewer princesses to choose between!