Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 3: Magic Kingdom - Part 1- Video

Here we are on our way to Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom.
Oma found an awesome double stroller on craigslist that we used the entire trip
It was super comfy for Holly with a front seat or a back seat and plenty of basket space for our bags
Not that we didn't want to buy food there, but we brought along several bottles of water and tea
and lots of really yummy snacks.  We were spending 4 days total at the parks so we were not trying to do everything
Our first day ended up being a slow start, and it takes a lot to get to the actual park
First the parking lot, then a monorail.  On the first day we had to buy tickets too, so it was several lines
Finally we were in the entrance and they were just finishing up the morning parade
Holly was excited to see Woody and Jessie
It was super cool to see her watching the parade
Last time we were at Disney land the parade was too much for her, she was scared and covered her ears
This time we was excited to see it.
But first thing first she wanted to meet some characters.  The line wait was short so we decided to head right in.
While we went to see Mickey, Oma waited in line for us to see the princesses since that line was longer
They have an area right in the front where you wait indoors and meet him, it is like Back Stage
The room was really cool, with magic posters
Holly was super nervous and needed a lot of encouragement to go up to Mickey, Mommy had to go with her at first
She had a little card for him to sign, we had forgotten to get a signature book

It helped her to have something to do, like a transitional object
Holly was pretty star struck
We finished our visit with just barely enough time to get to Oma at the entrance of the princess room
But at least that meant we didn't need to wait in another long line.
Holly Meets Rapunzel

Holly was even more star struck meeting the princesses, She loved Rapunzel's long hair
And she loved Aurora's Dress
It was so cute when Aurora was teaching her how to curtsy and hold her skirt
Then we all took a photo with Aurora
Lastly we met Cinderella, She is Holly's favorite princess
She had a pink signature card for her to sign
and then we all joined her for a picture together
After we got back outside and made it past the entrance of the park we went shopping for a signature book
Holly picked the one with princesses of course
Here is Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket
Next we headed down Mainstreet USA
Holly posing along the way in front of Cinderella's Castle
Until we came across Merida's area
We had a guest assistance pass for the park, but it worked only on rides
Holly was eager to mostly meet all her favorite characters and that took time
We still had to wait for Character meetings
The Merida area was really neat, so beautifully decorated
There was a fun bow and arrow for the kids to play with
And a coloring area.  Oma waited in the line for us while we played
Which was mighty nice of her
It is such a great idea to have stuff to do while waiting
and it was nice to be able to see Merida while we waited, so she could watch her and be near by
Until it was finally her turn to meet Merida
Merida is one of Oma's favorite princesses
She is mine too.  She is a rare princess who actually doesn't get married at the end of the movie
Holly was excited to meet Merida too
So far we had been having a really great day
We got a cool photo pass for our trip so we could have the Disney guys take pictures for us
Not that it stopped us from taking lots of pictures too
Holly is such a happy girl!
We were just starting our day and we had already had so many highlights!

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