Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 10: Magic Kingdom - Part 2

Here we are way in the far back reaches of the park
I really wanted to take Holly on Splash Mountain, she was just tall enough
But it was closed for Maintenance.
This was a neat little playground
Located underneath the line to Splash Mountain, and also where we waited
To meet Woody and Jessie
Oma took Holly to the shady area for playtime while Mommy waited
Holly was super excited to Meet Woody and Jessie
Especially since this was her first time seeing Jessie
Jessie was super friendly and signed her book first off
Then took her hand and did a little dance with her
Woody was excited to meet her too, and they also danced
Right before heading over to this area Oma and Holly did a little shopping
And Holly came back with a cute Jessie Doll
She wanted to bring her Jessie Doll to show Jessie
So after she gave me back the Signature Book she took it over
Jessie thought it was so adorable, a "Mini" me
Then she called over Mommy to join her in the pictures
I love all of the details everywhere like this tree growing out of a building
This sadly was another area closed for maintenance
It was called the Brier Patch and would have been a fun water play area
Then we said goodbye to Adventureland
This next area was where Jasmine lived
and we headed over to the Magic Carpet ride
Similar to Dumbo we went up high and then around and around
Here is Holly with the wind blowing in the air
She had a great time and loved this ride
The view above the park was super cool
You could see the shops of the Bazaar below
We were even able to talk Oma into riding with us
Even though she is not a fan of heights
She rode right behind us and took cool pictures
Afterwards we wondered through the stores
Holly found one with all kinds of drums and instruments
Oma got her a pair of Sunglasses
They looked very cute on her and were perfect for the sunny day
Next we hopped onto the Jungle Cruise boat ride
Holly liked it a lot, she didn't get the snarky banter of our tour guide
But she enjoyed looking around and seeing all the sites
The waterfalls was a favorite
This was a little native village with canoes
and here is the hut of an explorer
The secret Elephants in the Jungle and the water were also a favorite
She liked seeing all of the animals
This was cute and silly, a bunch of tourists run up a pole
hiding from some animals
This was a giant waterfall That the boat drives under
It was cool but it was a little loud for Holly
Then out of no where this little Hippo pops up and says hello
It was so cute and she loved pointing everything out.
It was also nice to sit and relax for a bit
after a lot of walking and standing around in line
Here are the Elephants again, giving each other a bath
And then we were finished with our fun River Boat Ride

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