Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 10: Magic Kingdom - Part 1 - Video

Here we are Back at Magic Kingdom
We arrived early so we could meet The step Sisters, who only have one morning appearance
Holly loves them, but they told us to go to the wrong place and we almost missed them all together
First is the Fairy Godmother, We had met her previously at Disneyland but it was still super exciting
There was a line in a different area from where we were waiting and after asking ten people
We were finally told that they moved the character greet.  So we rushed to the new locations
There was still a line but the "closed" the end of it and said we were too late
After we had been waiting almost 45 minutes somewhere else.
Here is a Video: Holly Meets the Fairy Godmother
There was no way after all that waiting I was going to let Holly miss her chance to Meet the Stepsisters
The lady in charge of the line was so mean and unkind to us
We demanded a supervisor to come and allow us into the line because it was there mistake
And there wasn't another opportunity this day to meet them.  I admit we cause a bit of a scene
But poor Holly was crying when the lady told her we could not wait in line and we had to leave
In the end the supervisor of course let us stay, they made a huge error and needed to rectify it.
Holly was thrilled to meet the sisters and even said, "Don't rip my dress" is was so cute and they were great "Characters"
Afterward we headed over to Tiana's Garden.  There were several morning greetings we had missed on our last visit and I wanted to fit them all in.
Holly loved Tiana's dress, it was super beautiful and Tiana was very sweet
Just around the corner was Peter Pan
He was so super playful and fun
First he signed Holly's Book first off
Here is a Video: Holly meets Peter Pan
Holly was a little star struck, she has seen the peter pan movie
And she was excited to show Peter her dress
It was the one Mommy made for her with all of the Fairies
Peter Pan noticed right away and pointed out Tinkerbell
He told Holly how that was his Best Friend and she wanted to know if he knew Vidia
Peter and Holly then went through the rest of the fairies
Peter told  her he had not met them but that Tinkerbell talked about her friends all the time
It was super cute.  The shirt also has Periwinkle, Tinkerbell's Sister
Holly pointed her out and told Peter how special it was that they were sisters and born of the same laugh
They were so cute together and he has such a playful manner
Its no wonder all the kids are ready to fly off with him to Neverland
Next it was a super big hug
She was so happy and had a great time
Even though there was a big long line of people waiting
Peter Pan was happy to spend a long time with Holly
and they had a full and complete conversation, she didn't feel rushed at all
Next we headed into the area of the park we didn't explore earlier
The is the Avenue of the America's
There was a cool Marching Band, it is one of Opa's favorite things
After going through Liberty Square we head into Frontierland
There in the distance is Rapunzel's Tower
Right now it's not a tower you can go to, but int he future it may be
Frontierland is kind of cool, like the wild west,
It wasn't Holly;s all time favorite area, but I think it would grow on her as she got older
They had Pirates or the Caribbean here, and the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house
and a River Boat to an Island to explore.  She would have done some of these with Daddy
And Of course with is where we met Chip and Dale
Holly met them before at Disneyland with Chloe
So she wasn't too scared or nervous to meet them
and they are actually super friendly, cute and cuddly!
But what is interesting is Holly only knows of them from Disneyland
I remember growing up and I watched there cartoon on the Disney Channel when we got the free previews
Holly has never heard of them before Disney or seen there show
But what's not to like about two super friendly Chipmunks?
So it is a Big hug for her.  They are other friends we got to see just in time
As they were leaving the park and heading to Animal Kingdom for the Parade there
So we were excited to see them just in time and Happy that even though we skipped Animal Kingdom we got to meet them
Of course we took a picture with the whole Family
They were super cute in the Western gear, and Holly remembered that you can tell them apart by there different noses.

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