Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 3: Magic Kingdom - Part 3 - Video

Continuing our day at Disney we were ready for some more rides
The  Dumbo ride was a favorite
We had to twist my mom's arm to go one it, as she doesn't like heights
I think she spent the whole ride taking pictures of us
We were right behind her.  Holly loved the wind in her hair
I was proud of Holly she wasn't scared of being up so high at all
Afterwards she wanted to go back inside and play, they have a really cool waiting area
Instead of having to wait in line everyone gets a pager
Then they get to have free play indoors while they wait there turn
Since it was so hot I decided to go and let her play for a while
It was super fun, she got to climb up high
and play with the stand alone toys as well
There were lots of seats for parents too
Which is nice since I was tired from standing and walking
We played for a while, not too long but long enough that we had another turn
So we went and rode again when our pager buzzed.  Holly was excited
Granny decided to join us this time
And down below was Oma taking pictures of us above
I got a few cell pictures while we were riding, the breeze was lovely
Holly has not watched the Dumbo Movie yet, no princesses
I need to try and get her to watch it again, it is so sweet
Next we decided to go on a Roller Coaster Ride, Holly was feeling especially brave
It was called Goofy's barnyard Ride.  I fibbed a little on just how fast it might be
She was sitting next to me and all, she wasn't even scared on the way up
But Oooh was it fast and twisty on the way down.  She didn't scream, or cry, and I think she liked it even
But when I asked her if she wanted to ride it again she said, No!  It made me dizzy.
We took a train ride around the park
And we drove in the race cars. Here we are Driving on the Raceway
I let Holly drive which made for a super bumpy ride, but she loved it.
It was getting late, but we wanted to do a little more so we took an Ice Cream break, Just after there was a Dance Party.  I don;t have pictures but I have Video:

Dance Party Disney

Next we waited in line to meet Buzz Lightyear
We were lucky since it was late in the day the line wasn't too long
By this time of night it was much cooler too
Holly was super excited to meet Buzz, and I was proud of her for not being at all scared
Buzz had a cool futuristic stamp as his signature
Holly took his hand and brought him to the center for a great pose
Then she asked for all of us to join in on the picture
Afterwards we went right over to the Buzz Lightyear ride
It is amazing how cool the decorations are
There are so many details everywhere
The ride looked really fun but I was nervous about Holly riding it.
When we were last at Disneyland we thought about riding it, and Mommy went to see how it was
It was bright and loud and by the time I got back Holly was crying from waiting for me
This time I was prepared with Blankie and Headphones
She was sure she wanted to ride it, I double checked and she did wonderful!
It was nice to have laser gun and the game to focus on
We even took a video inside. The coolest blacklight Buzz Lightyear game ever, travel to find and destroy commander Zyrg!  http://youtu.be/OmqQkBlQ0fE
During the game Disney takes pictures
This one is of Granny and Nana
And the one of us, you can see we are taking pictures while Holly is playing
Afterwards you spill out into the store, and Holly fell in love with a Buzz Lightyear Doll
Granny got it for her, She had nothing like it and was super excited, We opened it right there in the store
But before we could go we had to put her in prison with Commander Zurg, for good behavior of course.
Next we headed up an elevator up to the top of Tomorrow Land
and rode a really cool rocket ride.  It was high, Oma sat this one out too
Holly wanted to keep her headphone on as there was evening music playing
Holly was safe and snug in between Mommies legs
and up up and away we went
Round and round, and super fun.

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Granny said...

It was a wonderful day! Everything is fun when Holly is there! Just sharing her delight is such a treat!