Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 8: Recovery - Video

So as it turns out Holly was actually Sick at Hollywood Studio's, When I found out I felt like such a bad Mommy for pushing her and not realizing.  I just thought it was Florida heat and tiredness
But upon returning home I discovered that she had a fever of 102.5 Opa ran out to the pharmacy to get Children's Motrin and Tylenol.  It was a battle to get it into Holly.  At one point I called the advice nurse and asked if it was ok for her to just keep her fever if she wasn't in pain, versus the trauma of taking medicine
Eventually I had to force some into her and it didn't go well and didn't stay down.  We spent the day resting and watching TV, and decided to stay home an extra day to rest rather then going back to Magic Kingdom right away
It was a crazy day.  I ended up accidentally knocking Joel's iPad Mini onto the hard Ceramic floors and it cracked to pieces, so I had to go to Apple and get it replaced (for a fee of course) Then I had a massage scheduled.
So Oma and Opa stayed home and "Babysat" Holly while I was out all afternoon running errands.  Holly loved the attention and was happy to be watching movies, snacking on her pasta and slowly getting better
Eventually she got dressed and wanted to go outside and play, when she was dosed with medication she didn't feel sick anymore
Then she played Hockey with Opa, that was one of the most favorite things that she did while at the house in Florida, and every time she played she learned more and got better and better

Shy Girl playing Hockey - Holly and Opa loved playing Hockey.  Here she notices I am recording and gets shy.

Hockey Buddys - While we were visiting in Florida Holly was super intrigued with Opa's Hockey game.  She had never played it before, but over the week we were visiting, Opa said that she actually learned so well that she was becoming competition.  He was not being easy on her, but she eventually was able to score on him and even win a few games.  She was so proud of herself.

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