Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 7: Hollywood Studios - Part 2

One of the really great things about Hollywood Studio's was all of the shows
I wasn't sure Holly would respond to them
Or if she would be able to sit still and pay attention, but I had nothing to worry about
The first show that we went to see was Beauty and the Beast
We got to sit right down in the front using our Guest Pass,
but it was also our exit plan in case things went south
The show wasn't that long only 25 minutes
But it covered all of the most popular songs and story highlights
Holly really liked to see all of the character's come to life
Especially Chip since that was the character she played at magic Kingdom
The show was really good
Lots of dancing and singing of course
This was the scene for "Be Our Guest"
All of the silverware dancing around Belle to Welcome her
Holly had her Earphones on and her Blankie to help with any anxiety
She was a little scared when the Beast first came on the scene
He was super mad that there was a stranger in his house
But it wasn't long before the scene Merged into the song where Belle and Beast get closer
The one that Mrs. Potts sings, about "There must have been something there that wasn't there before"
Soon they were friends and starting to fall in love
But the setting changed quickly to Gaston going after the Beast
An angry Mob and the Beast was hurt
But there was the magic of Belle's love
Holly loved the show she was totally engaged
and then there was the Magic of the Beast turning back into the Prince
They changed the storyline around a little at this point
and had the scene of Belle in her Yellow Ball Gown at the end
Instead of in the middle when he is still the beast
It is though a nice way to end the story I have to admit
and when you are condensing it to only 25 minutes
Putting people's favorite part and the end isn't a bad idea.  Holly loved the show
Here we are outside again, in Back lot San Francisco
The twistiest road around, Lombard street
This is the Star Wars area, I had hoped Holly would be interested, but she was still too little
She was actually having a bit of a rough day, wanting to stay in the stroller a lot
Extra clingy and making Mommy do everything with her
Insisting she keep her headphones on, even when it wasn't super loud
In actuality Hollywood studios was pretty crowded and chaotic, it was not well laid out
and it was more overwhelming then the other two parks.
Here we are with Mike and Sulley from Monster's inc
A movie Holly likes and has seen quite often.  She loves Baby Boo
She was willing to meet Mike, but she was too scared to give Sulley a hug on her own
Opa had decided to meet us for lunch and we had some time to kill so we decided to do the back lot tour
I thought it would be low key, mostly sitting on the bus looking at things
I totally forgot that the first part was a scene reenactment
The was fire, there was explosions
There was a giant wall of water coming right towards us
My mantra was, its just pretend.  Holly was scared and did not like it, but she managed to contain herself
I was so proud.  After it was over she talked about the fire and water, I think it was just a little scary in the moment
But of course I think its meant to be, not knowing it isn't going to come and crash right into the audience
She had fun walking through the storage area and pointed out lots of cool things
and when we got to the Bus, she was happy to be able to sit and relax and cuddle Mommy
She did end up having a lot of fun looking around
and we saw a lot of really neat things
this is Herbie the Love Bug
and this is one of the back lot sets
towards the end of the ride we drove through the costume area
We both liked that a lot, seeing the cloth and materials and sewing machines
But also all of the beautiful dresses and the drawn designs for them too
The dress from Gone with the Wind above, and the Cape from the Original Superman below
I really wanted to go on the Muppet ride/show
Growing up I loved the Muppets,

and every Sunday Night at 8:00 PM we would watch the Muppet show
Great for kids, but always a special live action guest for parents entertainment too
Fun for the whole family.  Holly knows the characters but she has refused to watch the movies
Holly was getting very cranky and tired.  She felt warm but i just thought she was over heated and hungry
We met with Opa and started to walk around
We were having a lot of trouble deciding on a place to go for lunch and it was pretty late in the day already
We were all a bit tired and cranky at this point
and starting to push buttons.
Here is the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, another really fun thing, but Holly was too little
I noticed she fell asleep in the stroller and we almost decided to watch the show while she napped
But we were all way to hungry for that and my day had a Call time he had to be back for
So we found some food and all ate while Holly rested.
I saved some for her when she woke up
It was actually a really nice lunch, having my dad there cheered us all up from being tired and walking in circles
We were happy to be off our feet, it was a long day and we were doing a lot of back and forth
Since we only had one day at the park, there were show times we were trying to make which meant a lot of back tracking and a less leisurely approach to the day then the last two visits had been.
Now don't get me wrong, we did have a great time and we saw a lot of really cool things, but the day just wasn't as smooth as it could have been.

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