Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sleepover Success - Sorta Mostly!

So Holly spent the night at Mira's yesterday and in all broad strokes it was a great success!  She didn't miss me, only asked about me once, and had an awesome time.  Leelou came over to join the girls for dinner and dress up

Holly had two slices of Pizza and yummy Chocolate ice cream!  When she was ready for bath time she kindly to Leelou it was time to go home.  Only minor bath drama with water temperature and a show later they were all teeth brushed and tucked in.

But two doses of Melatonin in Chocolate milk layer, one at 8:30 and another at 10 and Holly was still awake.  Mira passed out around 10 but Holly said she couldn't sleep and was up till about 11:15 (thank you again tita Mai)

Luckily there was no more night time wake-ups from Holly at least but safely even with the late night stay ups the girls were up and ready to play at 7:00AM. 

Thank you Uncle Ron for getting up, I hear Holly ate all her breakfast, scrambled eggs and toast and there was a fun game of Hide and Seek too.

We didn't even need to come and pick her up till 10:45 they had an awesome morning playing (tooth fairy) when I arrived and she was in a great mood...

For another two hours or do when after making me cake (more on that in my next post) the only 7+ hours of sleep caught up to her and she was a cranky whiney mess for the rest of the day.  We had to force her to stay awake till 7:00PM at which time she was knocked out before her head hit the pillow.

All in all it was a Success but I have learned some ideas for next time!

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Granny said...

What a big girl! Glad to hear she had fun.