Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 9: Another Day at the House

So the next day we decided to rest instead of going back to magic Kingdom right away
But Holly was better, she wasn't really sick anymore, but definitely tired out
But in typical Holly behavior she was bored sitting in the house all day
So we invited Luna over to play.  We originally were going to do something like Foam in the backyard
But it was pretty cold outside, and it even rained, so we played inside instead
Chewbacca our friendly dragon back in the castle again
And Holly in a brand new outfit, she typically changes her cloths three times a day
We were having fun coloring and playing with our princesses
Here another Costume Change, Holly trying out her Woody outfit.  Our trip was almost over.
  We were having a great time, and it was so nice to be able to spread out our time at Disney
It's too bad that Oma and Opa live so far away, it was nice for Holly to just hang out with them
We hadn't been to Florida in almost two years, and though they have been out to visit us, its not enough
Too much time goes between visits, and Holly changes so much from visit to visit.
It was amazing to see her with them on this trip, she seemed so grown up
It has been really cool seeing how much she has changed at Disney too
We took her to Disneyland the Summer she turned three so it was almost two years prior
And already her perspective had changed so much
Here we were heading out to dinner, I remember dinner being so hard the last visit
and this time it was a delight, she played with a few princesses
and Opa taught her a magic Trick,the Disappearing Salt Shaker
She was so amazed but also just thought all she had to do was go Splat and it would disappear for her too
So funny and cute watching her try and learn it and figure out that it was a trick
Opa was totally big trouble and encouraging naughty behavior
Just like Tanta Kat does, So I don;t have to wonder where Tanta gets it from.
Like using the Salt to make it "Snow" on her princesses
We all had a yummy dinner, it was super good.  Holly of course finished before the rest of us.
Opa helped her set up curtains for her stage and then she did a princess show.  So cute!

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