Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 1: Heading to and Arriving in Florida - Video

Well I am finally going to post our pictures from Florida and Walt Disney World.
Of course this is us leaving for the airport
Yes it is dark, its like 4:00AM we had a 6:00AM flight, I don't know what I was thinking
In hopes that Holly might sleep again, or be comfortable on the plane she was wearing her PJ's
I also didn't wake her until just minutes before we were leaving, but she wanted to take her own suitcase
Daddy came with us to the gate, and we waited for our flight
Holly is the best travel partner
She is so easy to travel with, and since she is little she doesn't take up much space, leaving more for me.
Her suitcase was our carry one, filled with toys, snacks and iPads
She happily entertained herself playing games and listening to stories for a long time.
The view outside was really nice, we had previously always flew overnight,
So seeing the Colorado mountains was beautiful.  Though Holly didn't get the window seat
She spent a lot of time on my lap looking out the window as I pointed out rivers and valleys
We had a long flight first to Atlanta and then a short one, she didn't sleep till the short one
It was tough to rouse her off the plane since it was a short nap
But she was excited to see Oma.
Here we are on the shuttle heading from the plane to the airport
And then it was the drive back to Brandon
Chewbacca was very excited to see Holly, though she was a little nervous at first
Oma and Opa had so many cool presents for Holly when we arrived, she was a little overwhelmed
First on our bed was a huge princess Blanket, which she loves and slept with daily
Then was an amazing play castle that we set up for her to play in and color
It was a perfect place for her to keep her toys and dollies
Oma and Opa set it up in there Closet Room, a nice big empty space
She got several packs of crayons and coloring books too
One of her favorite gifts was her Horsey Tire Swing
Several times a day, every day she would ask Opa to take her outside and push her on it.

Holly Rides the Horsey Swing
A super cool surprise for when we arrived in Florida, a new Horsey Swing in the backyard for Holly.

She also enjoyed the bench swing.  She had lots of fun with Opa

Peek-a-Boo Castle

Holly had fun playing Dress Up with Oma, she tried on all of her Jewelry  Oma loved to show her the rings and bracelets
I was a long day and we had traveled so we spent it hanging around the house relaxing, but it was fun and gave Holly a chance to get used to Florida

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