Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 5: Epcot - Part 3 - Video

We continued on our world tour
Next we entered France, with its quaint Cafes
and this beautiful fountain, which Holly liked very much
It was actually a little cooler here, a slight breeze off the water was nice
But it was all I could do to keep Holly from trying to climb right in.
There was an arching bridge that connected France to England
Reminiscent of the English Channel, and you could look across the water and England
In France was Belle, Holly was super excited to see her in her "work" dress
But I did have a schedule and it was already getting late in the day, almost 5:00
The line to meet Belle was super long and if we waited I was afraid we would not get to meet our friends in England
So we pushed on and said Goodbye to France, Holly didn't mind too much since we had met Belle Earlier at lunch.
In England at the first stop was Mary Poppins, she looked very elegant according to Holly
We met her during our first trip to Disneyland, but Holly was eager to move on, so we didn't stop
and then we made it just in time to a little corner to England where Christopher Robin lives
and here in his house we got to meet his friends
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too
Both Oma and Holly were very excited to meet Tigger
Because of course Tigger's like Holly love to Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
After our world tour ended we were all very tired and hot and ready for a rest
Holly discovered another fountain, and this time she would not be deterred.
I am pretty sure you are not supposed to climb in, but she was hot and very insistent and I was ready for a break and a snack
We made friends with a squirrel who was practically domesticated, it was uncanny like he understood our conversation and practically ate right out of our hand.
We shared with him a piece of peanut butter sandwich which he liked very much.
Next we went on the Soaring California Ride, This one was a little tricky because before it starts it gets dark and you go up.  Oma was scared of heights and Holly was crying a little and hiding under her blanket.
The attendant was worried I think but I assured him she would be fine once the ride started and it was the anxiety of anticipation of the unknown and unexpected that was upsetting her.  True to my prediction she loved it.  On this ride you are "flying" over California, in reality you are seated about 20ft up in a 10 person sky ride type contraption that sways and swings as you watch the film of your flight super sized ahead.  It was very realistic and I had to tell Holly it was pretend.  We flew over Disneyland Fireworks and saw Tinkerbell which she loved and she recognized San Francisco.  When we went over the Ocean there was a wave that "splashes and Crashes" into you, this scared her a little but was also exciting, since the wave didn't get her. When it was over she was all smiles and excitement, which relieved the attendant.
Here we are in one of the Ecology area's learning about sustainable farming and Holly was excited to see all of the plants and crops growing, they were giant fruits and vegetables she said Daddy would like this ride a lot.
Next was the Finding Nemo Ride/Show.  We were a little nervous because there is a part in the show with the shark which is a little scary, but she did great.
These are the Jellyfish that Dory gets lost in
Afterwards, it was getting late, and the park closed at 9:00.  We never expected to be here this long, but found a lot to do.
There was no line to meet Mickey whom Oma didn't get to see at Magic Kingdom, so we stopped in.
Holly was much more comfortable this time around and even asked Mickey if she could touch his nose
and she gave him a big hug.
Then of course Mommy and Oma joined the picture
We also got to meet Pluto.
Holly was actually quite proud to point out that Pluto was as big as Chewbacca
Which if Chewbacca was standing on his hind legs like Pluto he would be.
And of course when he was on all fours he was about the same size
Holly was super delighted to meet her next friend
Minnie Mouse! She gave her a big hug and told her she loved her hair bow
Holly has a Minnie Mouse Bow-tique game she plays quite a bit and was excited to meet her
She also taught her the Princess Curtsy, it was super cute.
Holly wanted to know why Minnie didn't talk.  I think that's a tricky thing for the non-princess friends we met.
Holly also alerted us that she did not have a Minnie Mouse Dress, but Oma made sure to remedy that before the Night was through.
I swear I intended to leave at this point, but it was just about time for the Fireworks and light show to start and I just didn't want to miss it.
Holly and I did decide to sit far back behind the crowd closer to the exit (learning from experience) and to not be too close so it wouldn't be scary.  We had a wonderful time at Epcot, and I highly recommend this park for younger kids.  I thought it was for older ones, which it could be, but there was a ton of stuff for Holly to do.
My Mom took four video's of the Epcot Fireworks and Light and Fire show, which you can watch here:

Epcot Fireworks 1

Epcot Fireworks 2

Epcot Fireworks 3

Epcot Fireworks 4

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