Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 7: Hollywood Studios - Part 1

Here we are on our way to Hollywood Studio's.  Holly was super excited.
It was finally a cool day in Florida.  After it being in the 80's for the last few days this was a relief.
She was super excited to see Mickey outside and she was eager to meet character's from Disney Jr.
The Sorcerer's Mickey is one of my favorites, I really loved Fantasia when I was growing up.
At this point Holly is saying Mommy stop taking pictures and lets go inside, but I wanted to get her to pose just like Mickey
So her she finally does it!  YEAH
And then we are ready to go inside.
But first of course we use our Photo Pass and get a picture with Mommy and Oma too.
It was so cool outside that Holly put her Sofia shirt on over her tank top Dress
The first person we met was Stitch. But he was walking around and not signing autographs
I thought this was a cool perspective shot making it look like Holly was wearing the hat
And of course we had to get one with Oma and Mommy too
Then we headed to the back of the park
Where we got to meet Handy Manny
This is a new character for Holly, his show is pretty cool
He has talking tool and they fix things, Holly likes learning about what
We don't watch it all the time, but sometimes she is in the fix it mood
It has a lot of Spanish language vocabulary words that she gets to learn too
After that we got to meet Jake
Now Jake is one of Holly's super dooper favorites
She love's Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
She asked where Izzy and Cubby were and Scully the Parrot
I told them they were on Bucky the boat in Pirate Island and couldn't come
Then she wanted to know if Hook was on the Jolly Rodger or if he was at Disney World too
She really wanted to see the Disney Jr. Show but it was being revamped to include Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First
And actually the project that Opa was at Hollywood Studio's working on.  Adding Snow to the show.
Next up we headed over to meet Vanellope and Ralph
Holly really liked Vanellope's Candy Racer car
But she was a little nervous to meet her friends from the film
Just a little encouragement from Mommy and she headed over to say hi
Vanellope was super sweet and a tad bit mischievous
Holly gave her a hug but only if Mommy stood right by her side
Vanellope and Ralph didn't sign Autographs either, which didn't give Holly a transitional item when it came to meeting them, which I think made it tougher.
She was also afraid to shake hands with Ralph but Mommy did
We even got a big hug from him
Just because he is a Bad Guy, doesn't mean he is a Bad Guy.
"MGM" now, Hollywood Studio's always was one of my favorite parks
But alas it was not Holly's favorite.  There were a lot of cool things for her to do
But there was a lot of movie stuff that she was simply too young to be into
We did get to meet Sorcerer Mickey which was a lot of fun
Holly has not seen Fantasia yet either, I wonder if she would like it now that she is older
I think I think this mickey not just because he is a magician
But he is a little mischievous 
and such a big trouble maker, even though it is so accidental, he just gets in over his head
It reminds me a bit of Holly actually
This is Phineas and Ferb, Another set of two mischievous boys
They always have some hair brained scheme and their big sister is always trying to expose them
But there genius always get them out of the mess.  They have a pet Platypus
And he is also a secret Agent.  Holly was scared and would go to meet them without Mommy carrying her.  But she was glad she did.

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