Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 2: A Visit with Oma

On our second morning we headed out to visit my Oma.  She looked beautiful and peaceful.  She tried to talk and made lots of eye contact and squeezed my hand, but she wasn't able to say much.  Holly was very nervous and I told her she could play with the cars and trucks in the sitting room.  Eventually though I wanted her to come and say hello to Oma, her UrOma, (Great Grandmother) It is pretty amazing for her to know her, even if it is just a few visits and pictures, she is 96.  But as old as I was when I had Holly I sometimes wonder if I will ever meet my Great Grandkids, it would be a miraculous thing.  i finally got her to say hello and even pose for a 4 generation picture, but my Oma was getting tired and it was time to go.  It is hard to visit, she is so old now, and I am filled with memories growing up with her.  Her memories are going mostly now, she often thinks of her childhood and the early years, I wonder at her thoughts, she is tough and strong though.

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