Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 11: Last Day - Video

We woke up on our last day and Holly found this note from Opa!  It was the sweetest thing ever!  He had been leaving her little notes all week long, she loved getting them.
Here is Holly and Oma looking through some of the pictures, Oma is making a copy of her pictures for me to take home.
So I have some last video's from our trip but couldn't find the pictures to go with them so I will just post them here with the pictures of us heading to the airport

Where's Cookie Monster:  When I was little, this Cookie Monster Magic Trick was one of my favorites, I remember one year when I was in about second grade when my Dad performed it for me at my Backyard Birthday Party.  This was the first time Holly saw it and she loved it, she was so entertained, and she laughed and laughed   It was so fun to see, thirty years later.  http://youtu.be/GgYk3h_ZR7A

Hockey Buddys - While we were visiting in Florida Holly was super intrigued with Opa's Hockey game.  She had never played it before, but over the week we were visiting, Opa said that she actually learned so well that she was becoming competition.  He was not being easy on her, but she eventually was able to score on him and even win a few games.  She was so proud of herself.

Opa decided to stay home from the airport so that Oma could come back and wait with us at the gate
Here is a Sad Holly and a Sad Oma, both not wanting to say goodbye, but after 11 Days, Holly is ready to go home
Bye Bye, Oma!  We love you so so so much!
And then we are off to the airplane
Holly is all tucked into her seat and ready to play with her toys
She was so cute wanting to ready the emergency manual
She took it very seriously.  The flight was uneventful, she is an amazing flier.  I don;t remember if she slept, she must have at some point.  We arrived home at around 11PM and she was happy to see Daddy and excited about the cool weather.  We had an amazing time in Florida, but boy did Daddy miss us!

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Granny said...

Very fun Cookie Monster game! It is so hard to live so far away!!!!