Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 3: Magic Kingdom - Part 2 -Video

After all of our Morning Character visits we finally got to ride some rides
The Tea Cups was the first
Oma decided to sit on the side lines and watch
and Mommy rode with Holly who was having a blast
As we walked deeper into the park we came across the Winnie the Pooh Ride
Outside was Pooh's house where the kids could explore inside
Even though we had our guest assistance pass there is usually a short wait
Holly was nervous and unsure about the ride
It was the first inside ride we would be going on and Mommy was nervous too
Holly asked for Blankie, which she held tightly and I brought her water and headphones
When we previously went to Disneyland our first ride Pinocchio scared her and she wouldn't go on another ride for hours
But she loved the Winnie the Pooh ride
Didn't even need her head phones, I was so proud of her
The ride was neat, it was like we were flying in a Balloon, it was a blast, Mommy, Holly, and Oma all together.
There is construction at magic Kingdom, Fantasy land is technically open, but they are building more, like a Snow White Area
Next we headed to the far end of the park to the Ariel Ride
It was a little loud in the waiting area, there was a waterfall, but the ride was the same as Disneyland
It was one of Holly's favorite last time and this.
It is so colorful and currently Ariel is her favorite princess
We all three got to sit together in a sea shell
Holly loved the music and seeing Ariel and the story
Oma really liked the ride too
Some kids are scared of Ursula But Holly is quite amused by her
She loves the scene when Ursula takes her voice
As we watched each scene Holly would sing and point and narrate
We even get to see Ariel's wedding
Afterwards we decided to wait in line to meet Ariel
It was a long line and we were getting hot and tired by then
But Ariel's grotto was on the farthest end of the park and we didn't think we would want to walk back there again
So we decided to wait.  Holly was a little cranky, but she didn't want to not meet Ariel either
It was worth it in the end though because she had her tail
It was so beautiful and sparkley and Holly even asked her if she could touch it
Holly wasn't even that shy with Ariel.  I think maybe because she was sitting on her shell and had her tail
It made her a little less intimidating.  She even told her she wanted to be a mermaid
It was very exciting, as we had not met her before with her tail
While we were waiting to meet her Jackie and Mary arrived at the park
They were going to spend the day with us and started to walk over to our area
They didn't make it in time to see her but arrived just as we were leaving
We all decided that we were very hungry and needed to eat
and headed to a cool restaurant that was just outside the it's a Small world ride
We had yummy pizza and Holly had Mac and Cheese
and we also had some chicken tenders, which all hit the right spot.
After all of that standing in line it was really nice to finally sit down, I think the standing is one of the hardest parts of the long lines

Granny was eager to go on a ride with Holly
So we decided to do the Carousel next.
It is just behind the Castle, and is Prince Charming's
Holly had a fun time and loved that both Mommy and Granny rode horses too
There was a pretty view of fantasy land from the ride
Oma joined us, but stood guard next to Holly
This was a cool shop with jack and the beanstalk.  I love all the little details
and here As we are walking to our next adventure Holly admires pictures of her favorite princesses
These sections are not open yet, but it will give us something fun to see when we go back next time.
We wondered back by pooh on our way to the Circus land
another new area to explore
There was a water feature there

And it was super hot.  I remind you that we were there in January
I thought it would be safe to travel then and by safe I mean cool

But it was in the 80's, I could hardly believe it
Holly was super ready for some water play.  They actually didn't even have it turned on all the way
There was supposed to be some giant turning sprinklers from each of the train cars
But Holly made sue with the drabs she had and swiftly got into her bathing suit.
Water at Disney

And more Water Play at Disney
The grown-up were quite bored at this point
and ready to move on to something else
But look at how much fun she is having
And it was really nice to cool off, it had been a long day already
It was almost as if the water energized her
But before long she was back in princess gear and onto a new adventure

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