Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy

Thank you to everyone for all of the wonderful Birthday Wishes!  I had a lovely Birthday Weekend!
On Saturday when Holly was at her sleep over I had a Delish Dinner at Corso my favorite Northern Italian Resturant over in the Gormet Ghetto in Berkeley.  The Butter roasted Chicken and basic pasta was Devine!  Afterwards we headed to Berkeley Rep and saw the play Dear Elizabeth 
It was an awesome show about the poets Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop based on there correspondence (letters) between 1947-1975 they had this ongoing almost love affair.  There relationship was really interesting and though there lives were rather depressing, bouts of mental illness, unstable lovers, alcoholism, writers block, it was very beautiful how there story was told by two actors on stage using only the words for letters they wrote each other over the years.
We came home to an uncannily quiet house and though I missed holly a little it was such a peaceful night and morning.  On Saturday Joel and Holly also set aside time for me to open and set up my new Surger Sewing Machine.  I love it.  I got it got myself several weeks back and it sat sadly in the corner on the floor as I walked by the box intimidated week after week, and then Saturday I concurred my fear and I love it so much.  I made three dresses that one could swear was store bought had they not watched me assemble the peices!
Then on Sunday my lovely Holly and Joel made for me this delicious Chocolate cake!  Holly did the whole thing by herself save Joel telling her each step and placing the cakes in and out of the oven. The cake was super tasty, but only the love of your five year old could do such a bang up job with the decorating, frosting all on her own, what creativity she used to keep it all together!
For my Birthday Joel and Holly got me an electric drum.  It ended up being a contentious gift as in her tired and cranky mood Holly wanted the drum all to herself.  I think the anticipation if waiting three days for me to open it was too much and in her excitement she HAD to have it to herself.  What was super cool about this drum besides the over 100 types of drumming sounds it makes is this magic clip.  Attach it to anything, a bottle, your shoe, a toddler picture book and that item becomes a second drum!  Which you can choose a unique and separate sound for so I eventually gave in and holly had my drum in her SLP controlling her dial, but I got to drum on a steely sounding drum using "a whales tale" book and was quite happy with that.  Daddy had out his and Holly's ukeleles and we had a super fun family jam session
Today, Monday, for my actual Birthday we headed out to San Francisco to spend the day with old friends and we had a lovely time catching up, talking, playing, and eating!  But more on that another day.

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Granny said...

Holly and Joel look so cute in their aprons! What a wild and crazy cake! Happy Happy Birthday!