Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cafe with the Girls

I love how grown up the girls are, patiently waiting in line to take another turn down the slide. They still slip past each other or climb back up the slide on occasion, but sometimes they just amaze me when they do everything "right" or is a "grown up" wayThey are really loving the new ball pit. At first it annoyed me, Holly would run to it, pull herself up and climb in, and then climb out to the ledge but sit there waiting for me, getting more and more agitated as she waited.She new how to get down, by turning and sliding down on her belly, but she wanted to jump forward and her feet were too far off the floor. Holding my hand she could hop down. I was very excited on our last visit, she started climbing out all on her own.I love this little dress on Chloe. I rarely put dresses on holly, the ones I do are really too short, and they are more like long tops with pants or leggings underneath. But this particular dress on Chloe has the puff skirt, and it is past her knees, it is so cute!Here are the three musketeers, big trouble. They aren't supposed to be playing on the ramp in the cafe section of Sadie Dey's, but they made up a game of running up and down it, sometimes with a shopping park, letting it roll down the incline after pushing it up.Holly found this little seat on the ledge, I didn't think anything of it, but on this day the cafe was really busy and all of the high chairs were in use, which I usually stacked up on the other side of the ledge. Later she sat down there, and fell backwards bumping her head on the floor about a foot below. She cried, but calmed with a bottle and was fine.Soon she was playing again. She really likes the Sensory balls, it is great that they have them at the cafe, she went around finding every kind of ball she could to throw into the ball pit, just like she does at home.She also really likes these baby dolls, which I don;t get. She never plays with them at home, she doesn't have these exact ones, but she has "dolls" and she has "babies" and she rarely uses them. Even when we have "tea Parties" she uses all of her Gabba Character's, they are her "Friends"So it was time to go, Holly was getting fussy, she needed an iPhone break. I don't know if it is good or a bad thing, but I use it as a tool to help her calm down, self regulate, stop or recover from melt downs, it always cheers her up and if it doesn't then I know something really bad is wrong. We have been going to Sadie Dey's every Thursday for the Mom's group at 4:30, and I tell everyone I know or meet to join us

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Anonymous said...

That photo of Holly on the iphone with Chloe looking on is so cute! They are having a blast!
Love, Granny