Monday, February 1, 2010

Whale Watching

Finally I will post pictures from the Whale Watching trip. I have been putting off writing about it so it will be sparse.Holly was not happy about having to wear the life jacket. It made her very grumpy.We made the mistake of giving her a bottle to sooth and calm her from her unhappiness.This is what a seas sick baby looks like, and yes just moments after this picture she threw up all over me.That of course meant that a few moments after that I was throwing up over the back of the boat.It sounds like a nightmare but it wasn't really. Ok it was pretty bad, I did spend the next 4 hours seasick and had to stand on the rail to keep my stomach settled.look its a whale tale! We did see several whales, and I loved being out on the Ocean, and as long as I was sucking on ginger candy and looking out at the water, I was ok.After she got sick holly fell asleep, she was tired because we had to wake her at 6:30 AM to make it out of the hotel and to the boat in time. Joel was happy to hold her sleeping for about two hours.The water was nice the weather was warm and breezy, though the family was cold and in jackets. I started off in a tank top but did put a sweater on later.We saw a ton of sea life, including about 15 whales, though it was very hard to get a picture of them, especially with the delay on my camera.Here is one doing a little turn and you can see its belly just before it goes back under.Or maybe that's a dolphin, its hard to tell, we saw hundreds of them. First there was a pool of Mamma's and babies, about 20 together that was amazing. This is a video of the dolphins, it is about 2 minutes long, mostly the ocean and the waves, but at about 1:30 you can see two Dolphin's jumping which is pretty cool.
I did get a few pictures of the dolphins, but I had a lot more opportunity to do so. We saw maybe 500 in total.Here is Holly once she woke up, I don;t think she was still Sea Sick, she wanted to eat but we were afraid to feed her. We let her have a few snacks.She wanted to be near Mommy and this was the corner I had been standing in for the last three hours, so I held her hear. She loved looking out at the water.She saw birds and called them ducks and pointed at them and tried to pull and climb over the rail.Daddy held Holly when she was awake too, but she did a lot more wiggling when on his lap.It was beautiful but it was a long trip and I think we could have done without the sea sickness.Hear we are heading back to the shore, the sea lions barking in the background. I think after it all Holly liked being on the water.I can't imagine how we would have done in a smaller boat like this, I thought our was pretty big, I wondered if i would have been sick if I hadn't eaten.And in the end, we even have out happy girl back! Life vest and all!


1 Special Family said...

Despite the sea sickness, it looks like a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh that brings back memories. Joel used to cry when we put the life jacket on him! And the throwing up...I remember one deep sea fishing trip, and we made the mistake of eating doughnuts on the way to the boat! YUCK!
But the whales are so cool. Looks like you saw a bunch too!
Love, Granny