Friday, February 5, 2010

Opa's Get Together

When we were in Florida, a few days before Christmas we had a get together with all of Opa's friends.I figured that Holly doesn't have too many opportunities to dress up and it was a partySo I put her in this pretty green dress. I really liked it, thought it might be a good Christmas dress.She took some amazing pictures in it too, but we had some more festive ones for the actual occasions.I love this picture of her by the tree, she was so well behaved. She played with it, but only with supervision.Here she is with little Ruthie! She really liked her, they could see eye to eye and she liked thatWhat a little goof ball though sticking out her tongue at Mommy, and they she is acting all shy.But in reality she isn't the little lady she looks like, she would rather be tumbling and rolling around the couch instead.Then here she is ready to plan her next scheme, she is a mischievous little goblin.Here she is playing with a present. It is before she realized there was stuff inside so she politely played with the ribbon.This is a little monkey that Tanta Kat got for Holly. She liked wearing it like a purse.I love the blur of the lights in this picture, they make for a great background.Here is Daddy taking Holly around to look again at all of the Christmas decorations.She liked this bear, I think it reminded her of Mizar, he is almost as cute and doesn't like her.This was another of her favorite decorations, the snow globe. Kat taught her how to turn it on and off.Here are some of the family pictures, Ruthie made this shirt, she looks so pretty, and the pearls are a great touch.Holly's Great Grandma Bertha was also over. She is such a fire cracker, always making little jokes, she is a riot.Here Holly takes a little break form the festivities to play with mommies iPhone.But before long she is goofing around and dressing up in these cute Reindeer Horns. I think they are so adorable.But then again I am a little biased. I think its kinda crazy that the head band fits both me and Holly.And the star of the evening (Depending on who you ask I suppose) was Pat and his new baby girlShe is only just over two months old in these pictures. This hat is a little gift from us. I held her for a few minutes, but then Holly noticed.She basically gave her laser beam eyes and a face that would scare away a wolf and ran over to grab me and have me pick her up. Pat was worried they would "Throw Down"I handed back the baby, and soothed the evil green beast of jealousy. I think it was worse because we were out of town, but lately she has expressed it a lot. I am keeping an eye on it.

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Anonymous said...

Holly looks like a princess in the green party dress! Happy memories of Christmas. It was so nice to be with you all!
Love, Granny