Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playdate with Glen and his 4 Girls!

Here we are hanging out in Florida, Holly wearing her new brobee PJ'sTanta Kat taking a nap with Pyro, there is a picture of her on the fridge at like 5 sleeping with maybe Crystal?Daddy is catching up on some reading, its a computer book he published a review of.My dad's friend Glen came over and he had 4 girls, it was a mad house, they all had so much fun.They loved the bubbles, ran around all over the backyard, so much energy.Even Mizar and Pyro wanted to get in on the fun.Holly loved playing in the bubbles.Isn't she such a sweetie!It was fun for Holly to have the older girls to play with.Even daddy decided to get in on the action.Holly ran her little heart out trying to pop every bubble."Bubbles, Bubbles, You can make them pop""Bubbles, Bubbles, Floating to the top"Once we turned off the bubbles the girls turned to the fruit trees.Holly collected the oranges just like the older girls.Maybe they were lemons, the fruit in Florida is so big.I think they were collecting them in a basket, but Holly was happy to put them in anywhere.Before long she tired of the fruit, and asked for more bubbles."Run, Run, as fast as you can!"Here are the girls collecting fruit to take home with them.Holly ran over to Daddy to give him a big hug, so sweet.This is One of the middle girls, she was so nice to play with Holly. They built Lego's.This is the Plex car, one of her Christmas gifts.Here, another toy, a crane with a magnet that lifts the blocks in the shape shorter.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun life! Chasing bubbles! Holly is such a sweetie!
Love, Granny