Saturday, February 27, 2010

Top Flight Gymnastics Studio

We recently went to top flight gymnastics studio to play, and well I lie because recently is like a month ago, but since our return to California. She loves the trampoline and spends most of her time there, so here are 4 video's of her playing.

If you look in the back ground here when Ambriel comes to chat with us you see Holly and the other little girl bonk heads, so cute! Here she is actually trying to jump in a skipping kind of way.

Video 1

In this one she decides to take a break and come and visit Tanta Kat and Mommy

Video 2

Here she is doing a knee jump, I guess the fall is a lot shorter from her knees to a splat on the mat, she uses her arms to propel her forward it is kind of cute.

Video 3

Here she is just getting bounced about by the bigger kids, but she likes it, she spends the whole time laughing and then when the big kids aren't there she get a little bored.

Video 4

We don;t go here very often because it is in Fremont, like an hour drive away, but we go on occasion. but I am excited to announce that I have signed Chloe, Sarah and Holly up for a free Gymnastics Class at head over Heels Gymnastics Studio in Emeryville, and if all goes well in the demo class, she will be signing up for the next session in April.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like amazing fun! I love the way it's so big, and no risk of falling off!
We'll be seeing Holly in the Olympics soon!
Love, Granny