Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hand's On Fun - I Heart Faces

So I have been finding myself going into the archives and finding some great baby pictures of Holly these past few weeks to post for I Heart Faces. Week 8 of 2010 has a theme of "Hand's on Fun" I had a few close up pictures of Holly holding onto Daddy's "hand" which of course means her little fist wrapped tightly around his pinky finger, but there was no context in the photo, so instead I decided to post this picture that Holly's Daddy took of Holly holding onto Mommy's had, I guess I just like the composition.

It's hard to believe my little gremlin was ever that small and immobile and delicate, back then I certainly couldn't imagine today, and today it is getting ever so hard to remember her being so little, I keep seeing pictures of a "time" where I remember feeling, "Oh, she is so grown up now" and compared to "Now" she was itsy bitsy, they say it goes by fast, but you can;t really imagine how fast it really is when you live it day by day and then wonder where all those days went.

I Heart Faces is a site where you can share photos and submit them into weekly contests, of faces, one for kids and another for adults.


Zoey @ Good Goog said...

Such tiny wee hands! Makes me seriously nostalgic for the newborn stage ;o)

Mashelly said...

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cheers Sonia..thanks for stopping by our place