Monday, February 8, 2010

Dolcy's House

While we were in Florida we had the amazing opportunity to head over to Dolcy's house for a Play date. Dolcy is Heather's daughter, Heather was my best friend from High school.Heather's first son Evyan is an amazing 15 years old, so I never expected we would be raising kids together, but she had a second baby, in her second life, who is only 4 months older then Holly.We always talked about our kids growing up together, maybe not so together 3000 miles apart from each other, but at the same time, at a distance which is still pretty cool.So on to the details of our visit. Heather and I decided to spend the afternoon chatting, so we left the kids with a "Florida babysitter" (Sigh) yes I know Bad Joke!But in all seriousness, this was a little kennel for heather's puppy and the girls just loved playing inside it. Especially Holly who initiated the game, and amazingly squished inside without any personal space issues.Not unlike a kitchen cabinet she likes being confined in small spaces, though in here she wasn't really "hiding" she did have a lot of fun playing inside, it took a bit to convince her to move onto other toys.Speaking of other toys, I wanted to mention that Hot Rod Purple car from above. it was a Christmas gift from Ashley's brother who is a race car driver an he painted it to make it look like his car, so Dolcy totally has a custom ride.On top of that coolness the way it works is that it is actually electric there is a pedal on the side and you step one way to go forward and another to go backwards, and we were actually able to teach Holly to drive it in just a few minutes.Another Really cool toy that Dolcy had was this light drawing tablet. The pictures from above, color with neon and the drawing slowly fades away. You can put your hand on the paper and draw over it and see your print. It was really neat.Here is Dolcy playing with Tanta Kat, she crawled all over her lap and swung her upside down. This was from before the days of Holly's extended jealousy, her possessiveness has moved passed just momma to Tanta now.On this day she was happy to observe their play while she busily guzzled down a snack, but she was winding down and soon it would be time to take our leave.We had a lot of fun playing and catching up with Heather and Ashley. On this particular visit Evyan wasn't home, he is of course a teenager so we saw him only minimally. Its sad to be so far away and miss out on so much, when Heather and I get together time just slips away, but we had an established friendship, I hope as they get over the girls will build a friendship of there own. We had a lovely visit!

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Anonymous said...

I lol'ed at the photo of the "Florida babysitter"! Looks like lots of fun! Holly must come to Florida more often to keep up her friendship with Dolcy (and visit her Granny!)
Love, Granny