Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sadie Dey's New Ballpit

We couldn't wait to get back to California so we could go and play at Sadie Dey's and see there new Ball Pit. Here it is in all it's Glory. Holly loves it.I have to admit however that she does struggle not only get up and go into it, but when she is ready to get out, she sits on the platform and waits for me to give her a hand to hop down.On this day, our first visit back to Sadie Dey's it was a day of a double play date and a short nap in the car, a soon to be dead camera battery and only a onzie for Holly to wear!That said, we did have a blast. It was a really fun time, she felt right at home right away even though things had changed around.The new set up was great and we have been back since of course, we go there often!


Anonymous said...

It's fun to go away, and fun to return!

fragilemom said...

I bet my kids woulda loved playing in our old dog kennel as well! Looks like fun!