Friday, February 19, 2010

Hanging Out @ The Mall

So it has been a few days since I have written, posted, we are all a little blah and sick here, which accounts for that. Joel has taken contact and Kat is sleeping a lot, and I even went to bed early the last two nights.Rather then talking about these lovely pictures from the Brandon Mall taken during our Holiday trip to Florida, I will whine about our illnesses. I have a second batch of pictures from another day, so you can hear about it then :-)I finally took Holly to the Doctor on Thursday, I kinda feel like a bad mom for not taking her sooner, but perhaps earlier she may not have been that sick, I don't know. In the past it always seems like a waist, I pay my 30$ co pay, and say, ohh poor baby, give her lots of fluids and Motrin and rest, like I am not already doing that.It all started 19 days ago when she had a fever of 104.2 I didn't even call the doctor, because the last time she was at 104.5 I was terrified and called and they said give her Motrin and if she gets over 105 go to the ER (Where all they would do would be too cool her down), there was nothing else to be done.S0 that's what I did, and the next day her "high" was 102, and by the third day it was 99, and then gone. She didn't have any other symptoms "officially" This started on a Sunday, by that Friday Kat had been "sick" and I was sick, super tired and had a soar throat.Holly was hanging in, we skipped a few play dates but she was generally in a good mood, the only thing "off" was she had a low appetite and was refusing "some" bottles. This is when the trouble giving her the Sertraline started too.The following week I was better, but she had a runny nose and occasional cough, I assumed from the snot in her throat, we were all a little under the weather but it's that time of the year and it didn't seem like anything big. Several of her friends had been sick a day here or there, so I figured it was a cold or a bug.So this week comes along, and the not drinking of the night time bottle and the refusal of the medicine bottle is persisting, I am starting to wonder if it is an ear ache, but then I think it might also be teething, because she is drinking Yogurt Juice. She has "kinda" throw up a few times, 2 or so times just yucky flem, and once because I gave her the medicine (Sertraline) on a spoon (no flavoring)Then on Wednesday she wakes up with Crusty eyes, like caked shut, "sorta" and I have a warm compress on her and I am trying to clean off her sticky gooey lashes, which she dislikes and fights, and her face is red from the cleaning but her eyes are clear. The therapist thinks she may have wiped some snot off her nose and then wiped her eye, Kat thinks she got something in it and the eye cleaned itself out. We stayed home this day to rest. After nap it looks better.But the next morning, they are yucky again, so I call the doctor. I am thinking they will blow me off again, but that morning I wake up not feeling my best, really achy, sore, tired, and my throat hurts again (didn't I just get over this?) So I call and give her the history, and say I am concerned because of the new symptom. She make an appointment for me to come in, in 30 minutes.Well, I come to find out that Holly has a mild ear infection in one ear, and a not quite severe ear infection in the other ear, and she also now has an eye infection. So she has to take Amoxicillian two times a day (do you remember what a nightmare I said giving her medicine has been) for 10 days, and eye drops, two drops per eye three times a day for 5 days. Yikes! Well that has not been fun.Of course, we just started a new Swim and Gym program that I am sure you will hear about soon, and she can't go swimming. But she is bouncing off the walls from me keeping her home Wed/Thurs so we go to the gym part on Friday. She does seem like she is doing much better. She cries when we do the drops, but her eyes are much better already, and the first 3 times Kat helped, and she is certainly the expert on eye drops, also the Amoxicilian can be mixed with Yogurt juice, so she has had 3 doses and I am hoping it will kick in soon. On the other hand, Doctor said Antibiotics won't help me, and I just have to suffer eating about 5000 halls a day till my throat feels better.


StatMama said...

She is so adorable!

It's been a rotten winter for illness. Reese's tonsils swelled up so big they were almost touching, and she had to go on Amoxicillin, too. Seems like one thing after another.

Swim and Gym sounds like so much fun! The mall play area looks fun, too - we have one like it and Sonne really enjoys going there.

Hope everything is all better soon!

Sarah said...

I hope you all feel better soon!

Umma said...

So sorry you are all under the weather. We had to do eye drops a few weeks is one word to describe it. Not an accurate one though, lol.

I hope you all are back in tip top shape soon!