Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mike's Birthday

On Friday night we headed over to the Farnsworth house to help Mike Celebrate his 29th Birthday.Marylee made some amazing pies, Key Lime and Lemon Cheese cake. We were there to share dessert.Holly surprisingly was not a fan of the cheese cake, but Mommy and Daddy were, we had mini slices of each.Miriam is three now, which is unbelievable, and she was a huge fan of the pie. It has been so long since we have hung out.Issac is getting so big and he is looking so much like his dad especially in this picture.This is another new house, they moved in just about a month ago if I remember correctly, but maybe not, maybe it was just before the holiday.This is Mike's Family, they were visiting from near Nevada City, it was really great to meet them.Miriam was so sweet helping her daddy open his presents.This is a new face mask for Krav Maga, which is this sparing, sport thing they do.I guess its like self defence, and Karate, but basically they get to beat each other up during there weekly sessions.Holly had a lot of fun playing with Issac and Miriam, and of course there fun toys.It was fun hanging out and eating pie and opening presents it was so nice for us to be includedHere the kids are climbing in and out of the play wagon. Issac even tried to give Holly a pull.Then he found this slinky and the two of them had a trick up their sleeve.Amazingly enough, she figured out that it could slink right down the stairs, though perhaps it was an excuse to be on the stairs.Then another amazing thing happened. Holly finally figured out how to ride a rocking horse. I was terrified that this one would tip right over front or back as she was riding it so hard.But she was having a blast. She loved it. She would rock and rock and then stop and sign "more"And then she would rock on the horse again. Sadly it was a singular activity and Issac was wanting to play with her in the wagon.She was back to the horse. See how far up it is in this picture, but she managed to stay stable.We are thinking of bringing up her rocking horse from Oma and Opa from downstairs.That one is much bigger though, I am not sure she could climb on and off on her own and her feet would not touch the ground.This one she could easily manage, it was even I think a bit small on her which was why she was rocking so hard.The next day at Chloe's she started to rock on the Dino, so she has certainly mastered this new skill.I think it has something to do with her new obsession with bouncing and jumping. It is actually very similar in movement.Here she is climbing in Miriam's Toddler bed, and then she asked to climb into Issac's Crib, no sooner did I put her in,She started jumping up and down on the mattress holding onto the railing.She was getting tired and ready to go, it was getting late, and everyone needed some sleep.It of course took Mommy and Daddy a few minutes to get all of our stuff together as we mosied on out.She was happy to lounge around on the stairs, her favorite stop and wait for us. We had a great evening and hope to see Miriam and Issac again soon.

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Anonymous said...

WHat fun. Holly goes to more parties than anyone I know! She looks like she really likes that toddler bed!
love, Granny