Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas Lane

While in Florida we got to go to a place called Christmas lane. We went the year before as well and it was neat going back and seeing how it changed with Holly being older.Joel got to come with us this time too which was a lot of fun. The first big difference is that last time Holly was stroller bound and this year she ran all over the place.I loved all of the lights and the tree and the decorations, it was beautiful, and a nice cool evening, just right for Hot Chocolate, but not too cold.Holly had on her Toodee sweatshirt and a matching Santa hat (for a while anyways) and we were armed with snacks to keep her occupied.We had hoped to see Santa on this night, we "saw" him, but the line to sit on his lap was really long, so we soaked in the scenery instead.Holly loved this train, she wanted to ride on it so bad, but the kids were packed in so tight, there was no way to strap her in, and officially they wouldn't let her ride anyways, due to age and height.That didn't stop her from watching the train go around and around in circles. Opa didn't mind watching it either.We thought the night was beautiful, but Oma and Opa were cold, I guess that are Floridians now, and a dip in the temp hits them harder.Now this, this was just a tease, who has cool swings set up and then doesn't allow the kids to actually use them, it was just a decoration, but Holly sure was tricked.She watched intently as the little bears went round and round and signed swing, but would not get to swing, so we had to move on and distract her.There were lots of cool things to look at, so many colors,and a lot of people, It was a little crowded for me, but it was pretty close to Christmas, much closer then the year before.Sh especially liked this big white bear, but I think that might have something to do with it reminding her of a certain big white doggie.After a while she needed a break, the place was in fact a bit overwhelming, and we waited in traffic almost 45 minutes to get there.So we were off to sit by the tree and drink a bottle, she soaked it all in, looked around, but also had a chance to zone out a bit.This was a cool sleigh that was a great photo opportunity. We took pictures by herself, with the Opa and Tanta, and with Mommy and Daddy.It turns out though that a lot of my pictures didn't come out as good as I hoped they would have. I didn't have my new camera yet.On this evening, it was dark, but there were many lights, the flash didn't help, it washed everything out, but no flash made all the pictures blurry.It was so neat to see how curious she was about everything. She wanted to climb into each set and become part of the action, but that wasn't really allowed.Here Holly is saying hello to a big white snowman and a large brown reindeer. Some of the other kids were afraid of them, not Holly she was eager to check them out.There were so so many details I have literally hundreds of pictures of all the little Christmas brick a brack, it was hard to sift through it all.This tree was so beautiful, it was really big, she liked the lights and it was nice to sit and relax underneath it.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the picture with you and Holly and the big tree, because then I could tell just how big that tree is...ginormous!
Holly looks like she is really getting interested in EVERYTHING! She's so lucky to have parents like you who take her to everything!
Love, Granny