Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pump It Up With Daddy

Pump it up was the play place to be in Florida, there weren't many other options.Most days it was too hot or too cold to be anywhere else, so we headed over to play.Here Holly is going down the slide in the obstacle course, Daddy was there following her, but boy did it wear him out.I love this little face Holly is making, we call it her duck face, she is so cute!I am not sure where Kat was on this particular day, perhaps she was working a job with my dad, but it was just the three of us.Holly was having a great time. She is quite the jumper now, learning in the few weeks we were in Florida.I can;t wait to take her to the pump it up here in Cali, I wonder if they are all the same.Or if they have different rooms and jumpy houses. There were 4 main kids in Florida.The Obstacle Course or slides, and the bouncy or Squishy. She likes the classic bouncy the best.

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Anonymous said...

You guys were SO deprived as children! We never had "Pump it up" places to play! That looks great! I'll be she and Daddy both took good naps afterwards