Saturday, February 13, 2010

Upset Belly??

So Holly has been eating her blocks... Ok well not really "Eating" them so much as Quote (Eating) End Quote them, you know.... like Tanta Kat Taught her to do!

I really can not relay the hilarity of this story, and will never do it justice, it in true though had me laughing my head off and still I get a giggle.

So Let me start at the beginning.

Joel and I were on the couch chatting, the Olympics on TV in the Background, Holly in her Pj's ready for bed, playing in her room, waiting patiently.

I see her come into the hall with a bag of blocks, really puzzle pieces from her favorite Clock puzzle and dump the bag out.

I get drawn back into the conversation and shift my focus back to Joel. About ten minutes latter she comes back out and hugs my leg and rubs her eyes and is a bit fussy. Her bottle was made, her double diaper already on, she is tired, and so we cut short the rest of our talk and we head to bed.

I notice she has put the blocks away, they aren't in the hall now and smile at what a good girl she is.

She is cuddling her blanket, rolling around the bed, Joel getting ready and I notice there is a bulge around her leg, I think in Horror, oh no, has her diaper come off? (Long story short - once in Florida this happened - it was poopie - it was bad)

Then I reach down to touch her leg, and it is well clunky, and not soft (Huh?) I unzip her, and what do I find, but ALL of her Puzzle Blocks.

She was wearing footie Pajamas! I started to laugh, she of course didn't know what was so funny, and Joel laughing, says - oh she must have an upset tummy, eating all those blocks!

So if you have no idea how on earth this could have happened, I will say, it all started with Tanta Kat, and some play donuts from Opa! Kat taught her to pretend "eat" the donuts and then drop them down her shirt.

Well everytime she has done this, they come right out of her "belly" right after. I guess today, well, she was a little constipated!


the other lion said...

Hahaha! That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That is hilarious! I especially love that you did that picture to illustrate it!
Love, Granny

Kristiem10 said...

That is too cute!