Monday, February 15, 2010

Dolcy Comes to Play

While we were in Florida we were able to plan several play dates with Dolcy. On this occasion, her, her brother Evyan and her Mommies came over for dinner.Here are Heather and Dolcy playing in the gaggle of bubbles! They were having a blast :-)Holly and Mizar loved the bubbles too. Tanta Kat was helping to "make the pop"We liked having the bubbles on the porch, but don't tell Opa (he said they should only go outside)On this particular evening we also had Kat's friend Nanette visiting from Orlando.It was a full house for dinner and my mom made Chicken Cutlets and Rice-a-Roni, my favorite!I think if I let her Holly might play in the bubbles all night long. This was her first play date with Dolcy since we arrived in Florida in 2009.So she was a little shy at first. Dolcy had just had a birthday the week before, turning two. She is about 4 months older then Holly.I love her little pony tales, she wasn't a bit shy and jumped right in to having fun playing with the toys and the bubbles and the doggies.Here we all are enjoying our yummy dinner, it was so great to see Heather and Ashleigh, it had been over a year since my last visit, at the tie Holly wasn't even walking yet.It was so amazing seeing Dolcy all grown up. She is so big and very independent.On this first visit Holly was a hesitant host, just getting her feet wet and reacquainting herself.You can see though from my post last week the girls became fast friends, and I hope on future visits that will happen again.Here is Daddy relaxing after dinner with a cup of coffee, yum yum.And wow, I am in awe of Evyan he is such a good big brother, but also he is such a "little big man"I can't believe he is in High School already, going to Armwood, I am just in shock.Here is my sister Kat with her friend Nanette, Kat had spent the previous evening at her place in Orlando and she was bringing her back home to us.It was a really great play date, everyone had an amazing time, We will miss our friends until we visit again.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! It's amazing how much Evyan has changed since your wedding! And that is so special for your daughter and your bestfriend's daughter to play together! Very cool to have a longlasting friendship like that.
Great pictures, it felt like watching a movie as I scrolled down!
Love, Granny