Sunday, February 28, 2010

Music Class - Some Lesser Seen Players

So Music class has been a bit of a bust this past session. We missed several classes do to travel, weather, and illness.The kids are getting so big, this is little Sophie, and Theo in the background, and there Pheonix is crawling. When we first started they were such little babies.You can see across the way, Griffin, Ivy, and Evie playing while we all sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider.Of course Holly found herself playing with the Drums as soon as the instruments were made available to the little ones.She is becoming much more attentive to songs, sitting in my lap more, but she still runs around a lot. Here she shares some instruments with Johnny. We only made 3 of 8 classes this past session, but we will enroll again, and hopefully the weather and good health will be on our side.

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing Holly's friends grow and change through your blog. I feel like I know Chloe!
Music class sounds totally worth the trouble! Hopefully you and Holly will not get sick now that spring is coming.
See you soon!
Love, Granny