Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day in Florida

Here we are driving to a Christmas party that my dad was working. It was an afternoon party for kids, with a snow slide, falling snow, which my dad did and a Santa. They told him we could join in on the festivities.This is the slide, the family throwing the party actually brought in 20 ton's of snow for the slide, the kids were having a blast, it was a lot of fun.We decided to let Holly go down it too, no not by herself! On Tanta Kat's lap, I even got it on Video! Yes it was as scary as it looked! Me, Joel, and my dad did the slide again later in the evening right before we left, and just before the snow all melted.It was a beautiful afternoon. not too warm, not too cold, but with snow around I had Holly wearing something warm.I think it was genius, she had on a solid red footie pajama and then wore her pretty red and green corduroy dress over it. So she was warm, yet fashionable, and I didn't have to worry about ruining her robbies in the wet snow. The feet were rubber, so they were pretty waterproof.This was a cool picture opportunity, a sled for the kiddies to climb into and the snow all around provided by "Zigmont"Yes, that is a lot of snow, and not unlike Bubbles, the kids love to play in it. it looks and feels just like real snow, but you can have it anywhere.Even in picturesque sunny Florida! Holly was having a lot of fun playing in it.We went to this party the day after Joel arrived in Florida, so he was having a blast too.Holly was happy just to get to run around in almost total freedom, with all of the other kids, though most were older then her.It was fun to see her climbing in and out of the sled, she really wanted us to push her, but of course, it wasn't that kind of sled.She is just such a happy baby it brings a smile to my face every time I see her jumping for glee like this.This was so cute, it was like Pyro and Mizar but all in lights, she so wanted to pet the puppies big nose, just like the real ones back at the house.She liked these too, I thought that they were cool All the polar bears and snow flakes.Here was the neat snowman cake, it was very yummy.and the ice sculpture, that even Holly liked.As afternoon fell to evening the sun shone through the door over the lake it was a beautiful dusk.Here is a pic on my mom and dad hanging out waiting for the "job" to end, we were having fun, but they were working.Holly was eager to get into everything, here a scooter that one of the older kids left behind.Joel had fun showing Holly around all of the decorations, there were so many opportunities to get cute Christmas photos.The house was beautiful, huge, maybe 6000 square feet, on a lake, with the most beautiful pool and deck over looking it. the decorations were amazing.They even had a "sleigh" ride, Holly was so curious about these little ponies.I couldn't let her ride in the carriage on her own, there was no way to ensure she wouldn't climb out, but I was able to ride with her.She was so happy, and we rode just as the sun was beginning to set, right before the kids gathered for Carrol' she is after her ride, not sure she wants down, I think she is ready to go yet again.But I convinced her to come with Momma and meet the Ponies and give them a rest. She wanted to pet them, and Mommy had to stand back, but I let her.She was getting a bit sleepy, she had been having quiet the busy afternoon, but a little tired never slowed her down.And before we new it she was running into the center of the circle to dance while the kids sang songs.She loved being the center of attention, especially since most of those around her were just her size.All the kids were patiently awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus.Holly at this point in time, didn't quiet get what all the fuss was about, didn't get Christmas yet, and certainly didn't know who Santa Claus was.And there up above he finally arrived. The kids were thrilled and cheering.Santa had a present for everyone, so once he arrived the kids were able to go back into the house and saw all the presents under the tree, which Santas began to give out one by one.This was before Holly really understood about opening presents, so she was more interested in exploring, which we were tired of chasing her, it had been a fun but long day and we were getting ready to go.Here is the Big guy! Holly's first of the season, she met 3-4 over the next week, we had a number of picture opportunities, which this event was not.Here Holly is playing with the ribbon from her gift, we let her open it later at a restaurant.My Dad and Sister were finishing the tear down and pack up, and we had a few last minutes to play in the snow, before it would all be gone.It was a really fun day.

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Anonymous said...

Who would imagine that Holly would see her first snow in Florida!!!! What a gorgeous house that is! Looks like a fun day. Holly looks like a Christmas decoration in her outfit!
Love, Granny