Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mall Details!

So as promised I have a second post with pictures from the Brandon Mall. These are from our first visit there.Unlike the bay Area, in Florida there are not an overwhelming number of places in which to take your child to play.Due to the cold winter like weather, or the scorching heat we experienced when there, going to the park was not something I wanted to do.The mall however had a little indoor play area. So this was it. We went with Oma, and Tanta Kat. it was pretty neat.We liked it mostly because it was novel, even during the two hours we were there she got bored and spread out to play in the surrounding areas, but I will get to that in a minute.The play structures were all mode of this interesting hard plastic, shiny maybe silicon like material, not like the backyard plastic, but not a wood or metal either. It was a little slippery.I was a little nervous with her on this "slide" as when she was sitting on the top, if not careful she could have easily fell backwards. So I was keeping a close eye on her.She wanted help the first several times she played on the slide, but eventually she felt practiced enough to be left on her own and had a blast.Here holly is making new friends and sharing her snacks with a little girl we met while playing.There were a few other things for her to play with, like these spinning toys, but for the most part she wanted to play on anything that she could climb on.So before long she was out of the small play area and running around the mall, just behind the area we were sitting in, was a little "Arcade" area.There were 4 different Quarter riding toys there that she wanted to climb around on and sit in.But first she decided she needed a drink and decided to take a break. She loves her some yogurt juice, I wish I could buy it in bulk!Here we are on the first Carousel of the day, this was a little 4 horse get up that just spun around and around. Kat jumped on the back with her to keep her stable.Next she climbed up into this comfy seat, she really likes to try out different chairs and places to sit.This one was a big rocket ship, but we didn't bother to turn it on, she was happy to to climb inside and then out again.She did this of course, over and over again. She really gets fixated on the climbing at times, but it is good for her.This was some type of Roller Coaster thing, where you sit in the seat and then on the screen you see the coaster as if you and in the front car.This one is like an ice cream truck, there was a lot of room for her to climb around in here, I am assuming for the older kids there are other different games and buttons to push.But at this age she just likes to feel like a big girl, sit in the seat, climb up on her own, wave at mommy through the window. She has a mind of her own when it comes to how she wants to play.Back in the play area, here Holly is crawling through a little log tube. It is great therapy for her to be crawling, and she has been doing it more and more, like a fun game, to get a different perspective on the world.I think because she didn't do it that much when she was little she thinks it is really fun to do it all the time now.Here she is climbing on a giant fish. The bigger kids would climb all the way up to the back and sit on top.Holly isn't big enough to do that, so she sat on the tail instead. There were also these two cars that she enjoyed sitting in.She really liked hanging out in the car, she would sit in there eating from her snack container, the seat was shallow though and slippery.I love this picture, and this top. The shirt was a gift from her granny, funny I just dressed her in this outfit this week and paired it with the same pants, they don't officially match.But something about that yellow goes so well with the top. These pants don't really fit her, they are more like Capri's now, but they are one of our favorites.Here she is back on the horse again, I think we jumped on the opportunity of another kid riding to let Holly get a ride too.On the other side of the mall was the big carousel, we decided after a bit to walk over there and let Holly take a ride. She loved it. At first when she was waiting for it to go she was a bit fussy.But once it is moving around and around she gets so excited, she loves to go up and down, and she even hold on like a big girl. Not that I am ready to let her ride on her own.We decided to go around twice she loved it so much. We had a fun time, and isn't this dragon so beautiful. So that was our visit to the mall a place to go and play to get out of the house.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I thought she'd be a teen before she got into hanging out at the mall!
She looks SO cute especially the photo on the big fish!
We'll see you soon!
Love, Granny