Sunday, February 21, 2010

Michelle and Maddy

Isn't she beautiful! This is my friend from High School's daughter Maddy. Michelle and I were Check Spellingin Drama together and the best of friends, but drifted apart after graduation. it was amazing to see her again during my visit to Florida.Michelle has an older Son, Cole whom I was not able to meet, he was in school, and if I recall correctly he is 12. Maddy, is just about 2 months older then Holly and turned Two in January.We were able to head over to there house in Tampa one morning while my mom and sister were running errands, we got to talk and play for a few hours, until the girls were tuckered out and ready for a nap.We started off getting settled in and having a snack. Maddy was watching her morning Sesame Street, which was fun for Holly to see a new show. Holly was rearing to go and explore all of Maddy's stuff.She was super excited about this play kitchen and quickly emptied out every single drawer she could pull on. At least I was able to keep her away from pulling any books off the shelves.She was also a big fan of the riding car. She likes to climb up onto it and then off again, but doesn't quite yet push herself back or forth on it.Here Maddy is curious about Holly's snacks, and since I always prepare such a variety, there were plenty for her to share.I just love Maddy's hair, it is so long and very thick. It is amazing how much she looks like Michelle. She is really sweet and very friendly. She gives great hugs.Then Holly discovered her all time favorite toy of the day. Maddy's Wagon. First she climbed in and then she climbed out. Over and over again.Before long she decided to fill it with all of the toys she liked, Balls, a telephone, it was so full, that I hardly thought there would be room for her to climb back in.But she found a way. For the most part, the girls played in parallel, but not really together, but it was there first time meeting each other and Holly's first time in a new space.We had a wonderful lunch of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and then took a walk in the wagon, which Holly loved. She had so much fun. We planned on getting together again before I left, but didn't get the opportunity. We promised to stay in touch, and next time I am in Florida we will certainly get together again.

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