Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sarah Drops By

We love to play with our friends when they drop by. Lately it feels like we have been trapped in the house. It looks to me like Holly is ready for Summer.Instead we have had lots of rainy weather, off again on again illnesses, perhaps some teething, some rough nights making for difficult naps all of which makes going out hard to do.But on this lovely afternoon, Sarah come over to visit and play with us. We were very excited to see her, its nice to still play one on one or in a small group once in a while.Here the girls are making a plan, scheming, they are so cute together, it amazes me that they didn't bonk heads, but they were totally taking turns lying on the bins and looking at each other and giggling.Aren't they so cute sitting together? You can tell they really are relating and trying to interact with intention and communicate, I don't know who said kids this age don't actually play together, but they haven;t met Holly, Sarah, and Chloe.I feel Holly is so lucky to have such good friends already, and so is her mommy. We love having our friends over to play and its just the medicine we need!

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Anonymous said...

Holly looks like a TEENAGER! Trying on the sunglasses and looking at herself in the mirror!
And I could almost hear the girls giggling in the pictures!