Friday, November 7, 2008

See no, Pacifier!

See no, Pacifier!
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Quick Update..... Holly and I are sick today, Really I am... Ashma, allergies, maybe a cold coming on hard to tell, Holly is pretty fussy but was a good girl and let me sleep much of the day, until 1:00 in the afternoon actually. She napped with me, and then played in bed with me. While I am excited about her learning to crawl, it will be sad when its not safe for her to play and sleep in bed with me anymore.

We went to swin class but it was cancelled for a HS Football game, that sucked. Tomorrow joel is leaving for Virginia to attend his Grandmother's Funeral :-( He leaves at like 7am from SFo, which means Holly and I have to be up and out of the house at like 5 to take him to the airport, so that means bed for me very soon.

more updates soon..

Here is a cool site Joel found, this is a pictograph of Holly's blog in art...


CarolineThomas said...

I'm so very very sorry to hear about Joels grandmother passing away :-(
Please pass on my love to everyone.
It was nice that she got to meet Holly. xx

Anonymous said...

That pictograph was pretty neat :). Hope you ladies feel better soon. Sorry about gma...hope he has a safe and quick trip.

Sarah said...

I'm also sorry to hear about Joel's grandmother. Wordle is very cool. I'll be using it on both my blogs! I hope you guys feel better soon.