Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Year Ago Today - Happy Thanksgiving

My how things change, so fast you don't even realize it. But looking back at pictures from last Thanksgiving it's amazing. Lucian came by to see us with his family and he wasn't sitting up yet. For that Matter, Holly wasn't walking, barely cruising, just crawling around.She didn't have her high chair yet, and we just started puree's with her, none of which she really liked, so she hardly even got to try our Thanksgiving Dinner. She was still using her Bouncer and Swing, and look at that Spread, now we have to keep everything 8 inches into the center of the table, Less she might grab it.Daddy had long long hair, and Holly's was so short. She looks like herself, but cute round and pudgy, a baby face still, now she is a full blow trouble making gremlin of a toddler, but we love her to bits and can;t wait for her to actually eat her own Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

Happy thanksgiving to All! We hope you are with family, and enjoying a wonderful meal and have much to be Thankful for, we know we are thankful for having Holly in our lives.

Tomorrow, you can see just how different this year's thanksgiving was!

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