Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wine and Whiners

So our friend's Ryan and Rhonda and there Kids Teagan and Rowan had us over for a cool play date called "Wine and Whiners" This was our second time attending, there third time hosting.Rhonda just had her new baby boy Rowan a few months ago, he is such a sweet little guy, it is amazing that they were hosting a play date already. We were happy though, as it was a blast.The idea is that each family attending bring a bottle of wine and some cheese, other snacks optional. And then the grown-ups can enjoy some conversation and wine while our little Whiners play.Sachi joined us which is great, her parent's both work so they are only ever able to attend weekend events, it's always great to see them, and here are Gabriel's parents.He just woke up from a nap I love that picture with his hair sticking straight up. Gabriel is such a sweetie and we have been having lots of fun hanging out with him, sometimes he is very shy and hugs his mommy close, but other's he is so forthcoming and has a blast, it is fun to watch.This is Sophia, we actually saw her unexpectedly three times in two days. This very morning we took Holly to Studio Grown and she was there with her Daddy. you will see those pictures another time.Holly found the play kitchen and all the wonderful wooden play food. She personally doesn't have this food cutting set although I have given similar ones several times as gifts.This used to be a Bento Box filled with "yummy" play sushi. Holly dumped it all out before setting it on the table to share with Gabriel. It would make a fun logic or shape game to put all the pieces back in. I have been thinking of getting Holly something like this, but she has so much play food now already.Here is Sachi playing with one of Teagan's necklaces. Holly has a few like this and really likes them. Holly and Sachi are starting to warm up to each other as well. On this day they actually played together a little which is great.Sachi is a little shy in new places and doesn't see us all too often, but we have seen her a few times lately so I thinks he recognized Holly and opened up to see the familiar face to play with.Here is our Host Teagan. She wanted to hang out in her room and play for a while while everyone arrived, it was a little chaotic, but after not too long she was ready to venture out and check out the crowd who were all excited to see and play with her.I love this toy. Its like therapy in a game. this is exactly the activity they gave Holly to do on the Mullins (well not really exactly - they gave her a small real one) but the concept was the same.
Putting the coins in the slot and then being able to figure out that you need to turn and rotate the coin when the piggy is in a new or different direction. This piggy had a few coins that you could retrieve from a side door.She did great. She didn't quite get the turning completely, but with a little bit of practice she was figuring it out, but she got bored and wanted to see what other's were doing before she really mastered it.I wish I took a picture of our spread. The food was amazing, Salami, Cheese, Crackers, Fruit, and of course wine. Just before the party ended the girls ended up in Teagan's room Dancing up a blast, But you have already seen the video of that in my recent Dancey Dance post.

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Anonymous said...

Holly looks like the wild thing she is in her leopard print! She always looks so animated in the photos, unless she's asleep! What a fun idea for a party!
Love, Granny