Friday, November 20, 2009

The Gangs All Here

It's been a while since we have seen everyone over at Chloe's house. But on this particular day, almost everyone was hanging out.Here are Tristan and Maya, such good buddies "sharing" the tea pot. Sharing is a relatively new concept for the gang, before now, they didn't really have a notion of "possession"So sharing came naturally, but now toys are "mine" and the toddlers "want" something specific. Here is Joshua playing with an all time favorite, the Ball Blower. And it looks like Maya won the latest battle, as she "drinks" some tea from the tea pot. This particular pot sings "I'm a Little Tea Pot" mine on the other hand plays some less rememberable music.Here is Holly looking out of the back window. She is reminiscing about the baby Pool, and the Sand Box, warmer, sunnier days, but alas time for the pool is long gone.Here is Tristan lounging on the couch deciding what his next plan of attack should be. He is such a sweetie and loves to Butter up to me, he is a little cutie with a great smile, and loves to share some snacks.And here, two of the newest members of the "Posse" Sarah, Old time friend of Holly but relatively new to the gang. She is walking now, and having a blast in the playroom. In the background is Devin, a buddy of Tristan.This item is one of huge contention in the playroom these days. the other kids have learned to stay out of Holly and Chloe's way when one of them have this plate, they both Love Yo Gabba Gabba,But that doesn't stop them from trying to take it away from each other. "Ah the trying times of the almost two's" There is Gabriel in the background Chilling. We have been playing with him a lot lately, its so fun watching him come out of his shell.Here is Tristan picking up the Xylophone, he swooped in once Maya and Joshua were done playing "together" with it. Smart boy, if you ask me.And of course, our wonderful Host Chloe. She is talking up a storm of late, she says "Hi Holly" and Whose that? When the door bell rings, Hoping its Holly, sadly we are often late and make her wait a while for our arrival.


Anonymous said...

IT's quite the Gang! What a gang of cuties! How fun to see them play in different ways as they mature!
Love, Granny

Anonymous said...

Love seeing my little niece & my sister. Feels like I'm part of their day! Lovely group of buddies.