Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Franks Here We Come!

Here we are on our Monthlyish visit to SuperFranks. We went with our Alameda Mommies group, it was fun seeing them out and about in a different environment.Here is Araliya and her Mommy Alex, and Melanie, Eliana's Mom. I love her little hair cut its like a "page boy" it is so adorable on her. I think it makes her look younger then she is though.Here is Holly playing with the pop up toy. Its one of her favorites, but now that she has mastered it she doesn't play with it as often as she used to.This is a cool little School Bus. Holly doesn't know what these are yet, and she will "never" be old enough to ride a school bus, as Joel says she will stay this age "forever"Here are our friends Emily and her son Brandan, he is just about a month older then Holly. They were in Music class with us last session, but didn't sign up for Winter classes because they are traveling to Singapore for the holidays.They actually already left and won;t be back until February, I suppose if I had to go that far to see my family, I would stay that long too. And here is Eliana with her Mommy.Here is Holly playing with the Xylophone. It frustrates her a little bit that the "BamBams" are attached and she can't run around with them banging on everything.So once she is done making music she moves on to her newest favorite thing to do. Climbing, onto everything in her path.Here is little miss Chloe with some "BamBam's" of her own whacking them away on the drum. They are attached also, which mommy thinks is a nice feature so you don;t miss place them.Here Holly has discovered a tower of Giant Lego's to know over and she is slowly trying to rebuild them, she just gets into everything.My mom got this little blue's clues top from a friend of hers I think it is supposed to be a 3T shirt, but it fits Holly like a cute little dress and I think the color on it is great.Speaking of great color, I think this is one of my favorite of Chloe's dresses. She looks really good in red, it matches her coloring. This dress is so "classic"Here are the girls Bouncy Bouncing in the Jumper. The one at Super franks is really nice because it is relatively small and all the kids around are close in age to the girl so it doesn't get to wild in there.Here is Holly attempting to make us a smooshy face through the netting. She has become quite the expert at navigating the rocky waters of the jumpy house.This is a fun new thing, a cool See Saw. Holly has been on quiet a few of these as of late. I remember loving them when I was a little kid. It always reminds me though of the Brady Bunch episode when they are trying to make a world record.And lastly here is Holly flying down the tub slide, she is getting to be quiet an expert at this too. Kat got some great shots of her going down.

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