Saturday, November 7, 2009

San Pablo Park

Here is little miss Holly playing in the Sand at San Pablo Park, the park in our neighborhood. Surprisingly we are so busy we don;t really get a chance to go there very often, it has been at least 6 weeks since our last visit.I think now that the weather is turning we might go more often, in the heat of the summer this wasn't the best park because there is not a lot of shade, but on a cooler day it is nice to stay close to home, and now that Holly is walking so well, we can walk over together.She has gotten really good at climbing into and out of the train structure, and even sits at the table and crawls through into the hidden compartments. The big kids who come and play climb on top and jump down, I think I dread the day that she will be big enough for that.Its funny too, on the weekends when I would be more likely to want to go the park is a mad house, there are so many people there, almost always a big party so there are hordes of kids running around and if we go to the park it almost feels like party crashing so we don't.But during the week, especially in the evening right before Joel gets home from work the park is usually empty. Holly always has more fun when there are lots of other kids to play with. I think I should try and make an effort to go more in the morning, when there are more people there.


Anonymous said...

You go to so many parks, but as they say "There's no place like home". It's fun to see Holly change and grow in the same park setting. She enjoys the equipment in different ways.
Love, Granny

CarolineThomas said...

I don't remember ever seeing this park while I was with you guys, it looks like a great little place. Nice to not have far to go for stuff from home :) x