Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

So I have been a little unmotivated to post over the last few days, I was excited last week when I was getting two posts a day out and catching up on my backlog, but now I am behind again like 25 posts.My new Year's Resolution this year was to post every single day, and so far I have not missed a day, so i know I will make it, and that is the beauty of a post like this. Random Thoughts.They don't have to make sense, they don't have to match the pictures, but both the pictures and the text are equally entertaining, I hope at least. I think part of my lack of motivation has been my tiredness.I am recovering from Kat leaving and not having her help cleaning and chasing. I also have had this cough thingy for weeks, I am not "sick" or contagious" but my Asthma has been kicking my butt.I also have like a million things on my to do list, getting ready for a play date this week, and the Holidays next week, going out of town in two weeks, and then buying tickets for Florida, and mentally preparing for travelling.Then there are bills, and reading, and therapy and managing schedules when the therapists have been sick, and we are loosing our PT, she is selling her house, so dealing with that. We also just got our Speech Report from UC Davis.I Think I will post a full update on that with Pictures from our trip for Friday's blog. But I have been stressing about preschool, and therapy, and language development, and Mommy group dramas...So there is a lot going on. But enough b*tching for the moment, and lets talk about these pictures. We took Holly to Berkeley Bowl just before Halloween, we had a dinner play date with some friends, which I haven't posted about yet.Holly had a lot of fun, she really likes shopping, riding in the cart, looking at everything, and snacking, especially the strawberries. I loved the giant Pumpkin.Holly is also really good with eating out now. She is eating a lot of grown up food, not exclusively, but when we go out she will share some of our food, and is pretty well behaved.These three ottomans we just recently purchased as toy boxes/ extra seating. They were on sale at target for only $19.99 Holly loves them, she likes climbing inside of them, climbing on top of them, laying across them.But mostly Katie or IDS recommended that we put some of Holly's toys away. So this lets us do that, and when she has sessions with Katie we put everything away. In addition, when we have people over they can sit on these, which is great.I think on this particular night Tanta Kat was babysitting for us. We especially took advantage the last two weeks she was hear and went to several movies and a Play since she was leaving for Florida again, it was so nice.Sometimes when we go shopping I let Holly walk around the store with me. Sometimes she holds my hand, sometimes she wants to run and explore. Here we are at Target I think looking for boots.It rained and she needed shoes to protect her feet from the water, but there weren't many in her size that were easy to get on, comfortable, and that she could walk in. We ended up getting this solid white pair.They were technically snow boots with a fur lining, but had a plastic outside so they were water resistant. its fun going out with Holly, she opens the door, waits for me by the stairs, holds my hand down the stairs, climbs into the car, and has fun whatever we do.So that's it, my random thoughts post. I think it was nice not having to describe another play date, sometimes i think, what more is there to say about Chloe's, Music Class, Superfranks, we do a lot, but we do the same things, yet the pictures are so irresistible I have to share them. This was a nice change of pace.


Anonymous said...

Your random thought, or inner musings, are very interesting. It's in a way, more of what's going on that the description of events.
Holly is so cute as always. And how about that Giant Pumpkin!
Love, Granny

CarolineThomas said...

Wow that pumpkin is soooo huge!!! Lots bigger than Holly, lol. I love the Zebra boots at the end, so so cute, you should get those :) I love how long Hollys hair is now and those ottomans are very cool :)