Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dinner Party with Otter

About a month ago we invited Otter over for a Dinner play date. Of course we invited his parent's Micheal and Diana along.Otter is just starting to learn to stand up and is about to start cruising and walking. He is around 10 months old now, and such a big boy.In Fact, he is about the same weight as Holly is now, but he is a cuddly little Sumo Baby! Not a wild wall bouncing toddler like Holly. She had a lot of fun entertaining her guest.We also invited our mutual friends Tony and Tara over. They recently moved the California from Florida, and sadly we only get to see them about 1 time every 2 months.Here otter is standing over one of Holly riding toys. Holly is showing him how it works and checking the engine for him.Here she is introducing him to TooDee her favorite of all her Yo Gabba Gabba dolls. Holly loves TooDee and brings her everywhere with her.There is Tony in the back ground hanging out with the kids on the floor. He is working at a Gaming start up, so he has long hours. We were excited they were able to make it over.Here is otter standing on his own for a few moments and then catching his Daddy's hands. It is so sweet remembering the babies when they were just beginning to think about walking.Holly is showing off that she is an expert. She is very curious about Otter. I wish i remembered what Joel cooked. The pictures a few days ago from Berkeley Bowl were us shopping for Dinner for this Dinner Date.Look at that little smile, its amazing. He is such a sweetie. We need to get another play date on the calendar soon.We had a lot of fun all chatting and watching the kids play with each other. Otter recently went to the pool for the first time. His parents report that he loves it!Here Holly is saying goodbye to Otter. I think she is confused about him because he is so big, but also still a little baby and can't run around after her "Yet"Dinner was great, conversation was great. I think it was a good balance of grown-up time mixed in with baby play date time, I hope we do it again soon.

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Anonymous said...

That Otter has some wild hair! I love that you are staying in touch with Tony and co. It's fun to know folks who knew you back in high school!
looks like another fun evening in Hollyland!
Love, Granny