Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Satine Visit's Music Class

I love how Holly turns everything into a little hat. This is one of her favorite Purses. She got it as a gift from her Great Great Granny Irene. She loves her little Holly bag.She wanted to bring it with her to Music class, but I convinced her to leave it at home, I didn't want to risk loosing it.She looks like such a little gymnast in her "leotard" and tights. I am planning on signing her up for gymnastics class sometime at the start of the new year.I think we will continue with Music class also, she really enjoys it. Especially since her Best buddy is in class with her and the cost is so reasonable.Here is Satine, one of our friends from Play Group. Her and her Mommy came with us to Music class to check it out and see if she was interested in signing up.Here are our Friends Emily and Brandan, we are missing them. They have left for the Holidays to go and see Brandan's grandparents in Singapore.I love this little face Holly is making, so mischievous. She loves running around the room and greeting everyone in class, saying hello to all her friends.Here is ivy. She is one of the older kids in the class. It is fun watching her interact and follow along with the songs and sing, she has such a higher level of sophistication.Here is Holly stalking the Guitar. William is a big fan of it too. For a few days he didn't want to let his mom play it either, so now he has a snack when she plays.Here is our friend Alex. It has been really fun seeing him week by week in Music class. We used to see him all the time in swimming, so we have known him since he was such a little guy.Its neat seeing all of the kids grow up together each week. All at different stages, a few just learning to walk, others now starting to jump and climb like Holly.Its neat that they all get to know each other too. Here is Mira making friends and giving a kiss and hug. Mira is one of the most affectionate little girls I know.
Holly on the other hand is one of the most smiley little ones I know. She is always so happy, but especially when she has the freedom to run and play at her hearts content.I think Satine really enjoyed joining us for the afternoon, but it turns out that she is now in a french speaking day care two days a week and one of those days is Tuesday so we sadly aren't seeing that much of her any more.
This is one of my favorite outfits that Holly has. I think she is starting to out grow it though and is getting too tall for me to be able to still snap it shut. I think in about a month it won't fit at all.Here is miss Chloe smiling away. She is such a sweetie, also always smiling and happy, she is a curious baby who like Holly wants to explore everything.Here is Holly with her Tanta Kat and they are dancing around music class. Its hard to remember which song they were dancing too, it may have been the hoppity song, or even just ring around the rosie.It is nice to have Kat with us to be able to toss her around, we sometimes sing "the grand old duke a york" in class, a variation of the song we know and love from swimming.Its great seeing Holly playing with her tongue, it needs all the stretching and exercising it can get so she can start to form words. She does this thing where she twists it around.
And of course our favorite part of class is when the kiddo's get to play with all of the musical instruments, it is like a cacophony of sounds.Holly particularly likes the drums and is often drawn to them specifically, but she is happy to play with other stuff too.The shakers are a favorite, but she has these at home so she might bring one to me and then run off to find something new to pick up and explore.Here is Chloe playing with one of the drums, and Holly and Adrian in the background negotiating on who will get to play with the blue drum next.This is a really fun rattle toy, you can rub something across it to make sound or shake and bang it, every which way it goes there is something coming from it.Now all three kids have a drum of there own to play with, but it seems to me that they like it better when they get to play the drum that someone else has.Isn't that always the case, the grass is always greener and it starts when you can barely walk. its such a weird thing but seems like it is human nature.At this age though, most of the time there wants and desires are fleeting and they can be easily appeased with a momentary distraction of something else to play with like this tambourine.On this particular day however, I think Chloe was pretty determined to play that drum. She found it, was happy to have it, and would not give it up.Holly was happy to grab a shaker, or a clicker, or a clanger, or some other means with which to make loud noises, and loud noises she made happily.She had fun figuring out how to play this instrument. At first she thought it was meant to simply be banged against the floor, but then she discovered that with the stick rubbing across it is made new noises.This is an overview of the room, it seems like Chaos when you just peek in, but in reality it is just the joy is many toddlers exploring and learning about music.Finally Johnny got a turn at the drums, he had been patiently waiting like such a well behaved gentleman.Someone finally managed to steal Chloe's drum away from her, but alas there are three to play with and she was happy to try the new double drum.This was a cool instrument, it is like a cow bell, metal, but actually you bang it and the bells ring together with each other so it clangs and rings.Here is Mira looking through the last of the instruments, the pile in the middle slowly begins to spread across the entire class as children take various items to there parents to play with.I think Satine was a little overwhelmed by it all. That's not to say she didn't have fun, but this having been her first time, she didn't quite run and jump into the middle of the music pit either.Holly found Chloe's drum from earlier, and since she has one like this at home she wasn't to eager to play with it and instead brought it back to Chloe, how sweet is that.Finally it is time to clean up and everything goes back into a bin, I am lucky that now only does Holly help with this part, she likes it. For now at least.Some of the other kids are much less eager to put the toys away and do not want to give up there prized possessions, I mean really they fought hard in the battle to win them.After that we played some songs on the Piano which Holly also really loves. She wants to help play the piano too, and now she is tall enough to reach the keys, so Kat kept hold of her so she wouldn't be disruptive.And class ends with a little snack break. Holly is an expert at finding out when someone else is eating a snack, and she is always happy to have them "share" with her.

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