Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coffee with Sarah

We have started to go to the Wednesday sing a long at the Albany Library pretty regularly. It is a lot of fun. The girls listen to songs and dance and play with instruments.The library sing along is pretty different from our Tuesday Music Class. The lady who facilitates is an older woman who knows all of these neat folky songs, often very seasonal, mostly ones we haven;t heard before.She plays guitar or dances most of the class, and we don't hear the typical nursery rhymes we sing, not that those don't have there place too. Also in the Library setting, the girls have the instruments the entire session.The room is smalled and more crowded and the bags and strollers are all inside, so it is a lot more work keeping track of Holly, making sure she doesn't seek out one of the two back doors that are opened often.But the fun part is that most weeks Sarah meets us, so it is a lot of fun for the girls to see each other and play, and I get to hang out and chat with Isabel which I always really enjoy.The girls really enjoy the tambourines. Not only for playing music but also to accessorize with. They make the perfect necklacesThere are a lot of other kids who attend the sing a long in varying ages. The just today a mom came up to me at Studio Grow and said she recognized me and Holly from there which was very cool.Holly looks so excited and happy in this picture, clapping away. She has learned when the song ends you should clap.She loves the guitar and really enjoys when Daddy plays it for her. She loves to strum and play. She turns all manner of things into strings she can pluck.The hair tie I use to keep the cabinet doors locked. The necklace she wears and pulls with her toes so it is taught.Here we are singing head shoulder's knees and toes, we do sing some traditional songs. Holly can now point to her nose, ears and belly button.She stands at the mirror lifting her shirt and touches her belly button then runs over to mommy and lifts my shirt to touch mine and then to daddy. I think she thinks its cool we all have one.I am so excited she is starting to learn body parts, I would guess she gets Nose and Ears right about 80% of the time. She has to be paying attention and want to be engaged when I ask, but then she will do it.These pictures are from when Tanta Kat was still hear and came with us to the Library. it was nice having her, as I could guard and watch the front of the room, and she could keep an eye out in the back.When I am there I have to get up over and over again and run back and forth, I want to sit up on the chair but then I have to be anti social, and when she wants my lap I'm not there.You can see what a big group there is, it is pretty popular, but there are always different people.Sarah is walking in these pictures which is still very exciting to see. She loves being mobile and able to get around.She keeps her Mommy on her toes and is able to keep up with Holly more, chasing after her when Holly tries to get her too.After class we decided to head over to Solano and get some coffee and chat for a little longer. We headed to a Starbucks, and Holly was ready to shop.Here is Sarah having a little snack. Holly really liked playing with the cooler and checking out all the items for sale in there.
She is teaching Sarah bad behavior, such a poor influence she is, my little gremlin. Wow. I am not sure if it is just the picture, but Sarah looks so much taller then Holly like 2-3 inches. She is really slimming down now that she is walking, she looks longer.I think Holly is trying to pick out some coffee for daddy here, she likes the way the packaging smells, I think it reminds her of helping Daddy make coffee in the morning.Here is Holly running rampant and teaching Sarah more bad habits, climbing up on the furniture, she had help up and Sarah is trying to follow suit.The coffee shop wasn't so much of a peaceful place for Mommies to chat so we took a walk on Solano slowly heading back to the car, at least walking and holding our hands, they were busy and we could chat.It was so neat being able to walk down the street holding our babies hands and them trotting along beside us. Holly seemed so grown up.We had a really nice time and a fun afternoon. Holly loves playing with Sarah and I really enjoy Isabel's company.


joeld42 said...

Music class looks lik so much fun! I'm glad we got to do weekend music class last weekend so I could participate.

Very cute strolling down solano after coffees... :)

Anonymous said...

It just made me happy to read this blog. It just looks like such a good life for you and Holly. I loved seeing Holly and Sarah, holding their mommies hands and walking down the street. It always brings back memories of when Joel was a toddler, and it was such a special fun wonderful time in my life.
Love, Granny