Saturday, November 14, 2009


Aren't they cute, my little twins! Tanta Kat and Holly in there Matching 99 Luft Balloons t-shirts from Threadless, and I swear I didn't buy these when Holly was only 3 months old and have to wait over a year before I could put them to use.I love her in those little red tights I think it totally makes the outfit pop. Too bad I couldn't get Tanta Kat to wear a bright red matching skirt too. Here is my little rascal at the Farmer's Market.She loves strawberries it is like her new thing. We stopped there a few weeks ago and picked up a bunch of Strawberries, the famous Sarah's Pies (yum yum) and two boxes of fresh tortellini and yummy Garlic Cheese Spread.I am totally addicted to that cheese stuff, it doesn't last in the house very long I should have known better and picked up more then one container's worth.In fact that was my plan when I called Isabel last week to see if she wanted to join us there after the Albany Library Music Circle. She had to be the bearer of sad news, the Market was closed until next spring. So Sad.I was very disappointed. On the day pictured here, Holly got hungry in the car on the way home and she literally ate about 20 strawberries, it was the first time in a while she had really chowed down on them and she kept asking for more.Since I couldn't go to the farmer's market I picked some up at Trader Joe's but it was a little basket for like $4.99 they were gone in like a day and a half. So then the other day we were driving and what do I see?A woman selling strawberries on the side of the road, they were only selling like an entire vat of them, I think the equivalent of 12 of those baskets, but the box only cost 10$ so off we went with a million strawberries.We were eating them aggressively so they wouldn't go bad, Holly had them with her yogurt for breakfast, as a snack after lunch and a few times for desert after dinner. Joel even made me waffles for dinner one night with strawberries to use up the last of them, I had to gently twist his arm, but breakfast for dinner that night was so so yummy.Here Holly is hanging around the house, I think it was a night Kat was babysitting for us. Earlier in the day when she was still wearing the tights she put her "Holly" bag on as a little hat and she was the cutest little thing I have ever seen, it took my breath away.Alas, I couldn't get a picture of it, but she did it again that evening, so you get the idea. She wandered around all night with her hat on. She is such a silly girl, its like the red bucket she wears at Chloe's. She certainly has her own fashion sense. Maybe one day she will be on Project Runway.

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