Saturday, November 21, 2009

Push, Share, Play

Belly Button, one of Holly's newest discovery's. She even points to it when I ask her, "Where is your Belly Button?" She then of course wants to poke mine too.I miss these days at the park, it has been a while since we have gone. With Therapy almost every morning, then luncvh and nap, by the time we are ready to go out its 4-5 PMThat used to leave two hours in the day for me to head to the park and have some fun with friends, but now it is getting dark and cold, and in the words of isabel "it just isn't the same"I used to love winter, I guess I still like it alot, and on those really hot days I would be here complaining about the heat, and how it was too sunny, but I just wish they didn't have day light savings time.I suppose the fall must be my favorite season, or maybe early spring when its still cool and sweater weather but the clocks are already turned ahead. Well as you can see above, we let the girls work it out, they took turns, pushed each other, but in the end Sarah won, and Holly was not happy.

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Anonymous said...

It is an awfully cute belly button! And if you've got, flaunt it!
Love, Granny